How I Turn Slumps Into Opportunity

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I woke this morning from dazzling dreams.

Why was I in a funk then? After all, yesterday I received the a great big manifestation, one I expected for years.

I know the answer: Manifestation satisfaction flashes like lightning. In its flash my Broader Perspective expands. Fail to keep up with that and my connection with Broader Perspective diminishes.

All manifestations mark the path of my eternal, expansionary life experience. They’re like mile markers. Staying too long reveling in the manifestation, I feel the gap grow between me and my expansion. Because I’m not keeping up with it. What does “feel the gap” feel like?

It feels like malaise, slump, stagnancy. Rather than continued eager expectation I feel when focusing forward along my expanding path, I feel diminishment.

All manifestations create this experience. That’s why I know manifestations mark paths, they don’t signify the end goal. The end goal comes when I feel delight along the path.

The road ahead that is your life is being designed by you. What reality are you going to create for you and the world? (Photo: Yoal Desurmont)

It’s simple math

I’m always on the way to another manifestation. When manifestations happen, they always create more desire, thus more potential, future manifestations. Manifestations birth more manifestations, in other words.

I must “travel” manifestation-to-manifestation, because I am eternal. Doing the math 😊, throughout my eternity, I am always on the way to more manifestations. I spend more life, therefore, “on the way to” and comparatively less life “experiencing” manifestations.

Slumps come when I forget this simple math.

I like knowing and feeling the difference between pre-manifestation expectation, which feels wonderful and unlimited, and post-manifestation euphoria expiration, which feels like a slump or a funk.

Even in a slump, though, I know my path draws to me more manifestations. My job now: catch up with that which I expanded into, meaning, progressing along the path.

Resistance doesn’t have to be part of the process, but usually is. I know my Broader Perspective leads me along my path of least resistance to desired manifestations. So when I feel a funk or a slump, I know, in this moment, cooling my jets, relaxing, slowing down, being more attentive to the now, keeps me on track.

That can be hard

What’s interesting about that guidance, as accurate as it is, is that everyday life experience of Common Mortals does not encourage such behavior.

But I know looking crazy, living outside social norms, living the way animals, plants, planets, the wind, water and everything else in the Universe lives, is the path to all I want. Even as most Common Mortals live life differently.

I know following my Broader Perspective brings everything that I want. “Trying”, “making things happen” feels comparatively hard because it is. I prefer looking like a crazy person, a lazy person, a person with their head in the sand, or in a cloud.

That’s not crazy, that’s enlightenment.

My life looks crazy, scary even, but if feels wonderful. And I know in this moment, the moment I’m writing this, as I sit in my slump, in this moment I appreciate my path because “wonderful” tells me my path is true.

Resisting the slump by trying to get out of it, trying to change it into something else, veers me off course.

Instead, I lay low and enjoy the slumpiness for what indicates: “on-the-path” and more desired manifestations.

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And in doing that, the slump and its slumpiness disappear. I know because as I write this, “slumpiness” is transforming. It’s transforming into knowing, appreciation, and happiness.

I turn slumps into opportunity by doing what most Common Mortals will not. So I live the Charmed Life. Where life feels good. And that tells me my life is getting better.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful, Perry. But then, you already know this. I appreciate your articles more than you know. But then again, you already know this too.
    Fondest regards man
    A fellow co-creator.

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