Your best life is a happy one

Are you ready to explore what you really are, then realize the unlimited life you came into the world to have?

We help people experience their life experience as a joyfully invincible reality where all they want becomes possible.

What’s in it for you: a metric crap-ton of good: You’ll become fearless.  You’ll realize every desire, just like your life was meant to be. You’ll become unshakably happy realizing your central role in the larger scheme of All That Is. In short…you become unstoppable…

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“I struggled with off and on depression. Now I….I can’t explain it. It’s just awesome”

Stefano Iaboni, Portland, Ore.

“I was an atheist. But then I created a job for myself with six figure potential.” 

Joe Park, Portland, Ore.

“I believe in magic so I knew there was something to Positively Focused. But the results I’ve gotten are no less awesome.” 

Remy Ilmatar, Portland, Ore.

Becoming Unstoppable

We offer you opportunity to see and experience your world as your creation. But you’re gonna do the work. We facilitate your enlightenment. We put you back in the driver’s seat. You make it happen. You go as fast as you want.

You are unlimited. You can accomplish anything. This is what we help you remember. But first you got some (re) learning to do.

Enlightenment is yours…in every sense of that word. We guarantee it.

Perpetually awakened.  Life experiences that delight. Life experience proving it’s working.

You’ll realize dreams once given up on: you’ll have a life so full of desires being fulfilled, you’ll wonder how you hadn’t lived this way from the beginning.

You’ll gradually lose all anxiety, worry, fear.

Your fear of death will disappear clearing the path to all kinds of fascinations. You’ll gain freedom and power with people: understanding people are your creation so there is nothing to fear, you baby.  Finally, you get a life you create deliberately, where nothing negative happens ever. 

In short: you gain everything. 

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