Horse feathers! 

Why do we tolerate feeling crappy, when life is supposed to be joyful, optimistic, and filled with everything we want?

Why do we endure boredom, insecurity, anxiety, basically feeling whiny, when we don’t have to?

Because we all have swallowed a story (many of them actually) and turned them into beliefs.

Stories as beliefs are powerful.

They inspire, empower.

They debilitate, destroy.

They’re contagious. Don’t believe us? Spend time on social media.


Conscious energy is more powerful than stories or beliefs. That’s because conscious energy spawns stories and turns them into beliefs.

You are conscious energy; aware, eternal, and unlimited. You ongoingly transform yourself and your life-experience through stories you tell. 

That’s right: you literally imbue your stories with you.

Your stories are alive, focusing energy that is you into physical matter.

That’s how you create your reality moment by moment. If this is accurate, and it is, we don’t blame you for asking: why don’t I live a dream-like life?

Good question.

The original Buddha once said: “the only difference between a buddha and a common mortal is one knows he’s a buddha, the other does not.”

That’s deep. It’s also accurate.

It’s also the key to enlightenment.

It’s time to achieve your enlightenment and turn your life experience into your Personalized Utopia.

We guarantee instant results.

You read that right: instant results.


From there, your Personalized Utopia blossoms through ever-increasing delight.

We don’t have to back our guarantee because the results are so immediate. But we do anyway.

Enlightenment: It’s as easy as realizing the number number one key to becoming enlightened: a daily habit building framework that brings common sense and logic to the table.