I got your back

The key to all this is remembering what you’ve forgotten. Then practicing daily habits that replace what you know with what you’ve forgotten. Daily habits produce real, immediate results. You don’t have to have faith. You’ll trust the habits work because the results show you they do.

It is possible to remember this stuff on your own. I did at first. But eventually, most people need someone to guide them.

Not everyone can build new habits on their own. Some need a framework. Some need a person in their corner. That's where I come in.

Using your life experience as a living laboratory, I show you the theory step-by-step. Your daily life immediately shows you evidence of the theory’s accuracy. 

In a short time, your life experience becomes so full of evidence that “it’s working” you’ll know it’s working. Just like I know.

And you’ll want more.

My framework is logical, rational and process oriented. It makes the “woo” practical, allowing you to make the “woo” real in your life experience.

A $50 monthly membership unlocks access to the framework. For the time being, your membership includes one 60 minute 1:1 per week and one monthly group session. Additional 1:1 sessions are $50 per session. Pricing and availability may change with notice as more people become members.

I'll describe more detail in your first 1:1, or your FREE 30-minute session should you schedule one. Want to ask a question before becoming a member? Schedule a FREE 30-minute trial 1:1 or contact me via the contact page.

Becoming a member is easy

It's a two-step process.

  1. Use the PayPal button below. You'll be billed the first month's membership. Then you'll come back here.
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After that, you're all set. I'll be in touch shortly after I get confirmation.

See you soon!

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