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The key to all this is remembering what you’ve forgotten, then replace current beliefs no longer serving you with new ones consistent with your desires. Daily practice builds momentum while producing real, immediate results, guaranteed.

You don’t need faith. You’ll trust the work because immediate, real-world results show the work is working. Every client has attested that results they get FAR OUTWEIGH what they paid for them.

You can do this on your own. I did at first. But most people need guidance. Someone showing them how to see immediate evidence, someone providing a framework, someone in their corner. That's where I come in.

Using your life experience as a living laboratory, I show you the theory step-by-step. Your daily life immediately shows you evidence of the theory’s accuracy when you put the theory into practice. 

In a short time – immediately, really – your life becomes so full of evidence “it’s working” you’ll know it’s working. Just like I know.

You’ll then want more.

My framework is logical, rational and logical. It makes the “woo” practical, allowing you to make the “woo” real in your life. There are four packages offered:

A - A nicely-discounted Monthly Membership Package. This membership offers one session each week for a total of four sessions monthly for $500 (that's about $70/hour). Note this membership option includes not only a 20 percent discount off the individual session price, but also offers an added bonus of a "free" session for months with five weeks, instead of four. You receive a total of about 7.1 hours of 1:1 time each month, and  limited access to me via text message. You're billed each month.

B - The Bi-Monthly Membership Package. This membership offers two 60-90 minute sessions per month for $300 per month. You're are billed each month.

C - The A La Carte Membership. You can schedule as many or as few 60-90 minute sessions as you like per month. Sessions are $150 prepaid at the time of scheduling.

D - The Premium Membership. At this level you get everything in option A, plus real-time access to me via text message and between-session telephone conversations as needed to enhance your understanding and application of the theory in real time. Premium memberships are extremely limited. The price: $2500 per month. Since this is a bespoke option, I set these up personally. Contact me directly, if you're interested. You're are billed each month.

Pricing and availability may change with notice as more people become members. Existing members enjoy "grandfathered" status.

I'll describe more detail and answer any questions in your first 1:1, or your FREE 30-minute session should you schedule one.

Want to ask a question before becoming a member? Schedule a FREE 30-minute 1:1 or contact me via the contact page.

Scheduling couldn't be easier.

To schedule your first session, become a member by clicking the PayPal button below then select the membership that works for you. If you prefer the A La Carte Membership, keep reading.

Next, you'll add your payment information. Complete that step and you'll be directed to my calendar. Pick your date and you're done!

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