Hard Work Rarely Makes Life Better Or Fun

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Life experience says: all you want comes through hard work. Or does it? Success at anything can be easy. All it takes is a Positively Focused orientation.

Life tells you all you want comes through hard work. It tells you that because that’s what you tell yourself.

When you read books from people who “worked hard”, you’re confirming what others told you. Believing you must work long hours because your colleagues, your “competitors” do, or your boss expects you to, only perpetuates what others told you.

Feel you have to work weekends because you’re “behind the 8 ball”?  That attitude reinforces your belief story; the one seemingly consistent with your life experience that says “success comes from hard work.”

It’s the other way around

But your story is NOT consistent with your life experience. Your life experience is consistent with your story.

Change your story and your life will shape itself to fit the new story you tell.

You’ll get immediate results. But unless you know what to look for, you will miss them.

And that’s why people think positive thinking, affirmations, Law of Attraction and things like that don’t work. Because they don’t know what to look for.

Should you be able to drive if you don’t know what road markings mean, or if you don’t understand driving “rules”? Should you be able to teach someone else to drive?

Our guess is you’ll say “Of course not.”

Then we think you’ll agree that not knowing how to see the signs that positive thinking, affirmations and such are working, kinda disqualifies you from being an authority on whether such things work or not.

Success can be inevitable

It’s better to just say “I don’t know.” Because if you don’t know how to see the signs, you don’t know.

Hard work can and often seems to lead to success. That’s only because so many people are working hard at being successful. Meanwhile, what’s actually creating the success they enjoy, has very little to do with the effort they employ.

Hard work is not the key to success. Success comes despite hard work offered. It can be inevitable.

So why are hard workers often successful and those who don’t work hard (seemingly) so often not?

Interesting paradox, isn’t it?

Be the exception not the rule

But if you look more closely, you’ll see FAR MORE hard workers are often not successful and sometimes those who don’t work at all hard are.

Most of us don’t seem to have the luxury of slowing down and exploring what they’re reading here. But overcome that story and test what we’re offering, you will find accuracy in all of this.

Then, you’ll become the exception.

You can be successful without all the struggle you think you have to offer to get it. Through this blog and our 1:1 session work, we show people how success comes easily and hard work becomes obsolete.

5 Replies to “Hard Work Rarely Makes Life Better Or Fun”

  1. Alright well if you say hard work is not the key to success then what is? Growing up we’ve always heard that you can get anything you want, you just have to be willing to work hard for it. But if hard work really isn’t the key to success then what is? I really like your approach and any feedback on this would be much appreciated.

    1. It’s a good question. That you’re asking the question shows your openness to the answer. That’s more than half of what it takes to get to the answer. So good for you for asking.

      You’re right. So many parents teach us that working hard is the key. Heck, all society tells us that: our teachers, our politicians, TV and movies, music…virtually everything in the physical world echoes this sentiment. Who am I to contradict it? Someone who knows better.

      Many reasons explain why nearly all society enforces this idea. Before answering your question, it’s important knowing some of these reasons. One, the reason why so many in our society, including our parents, parrot this bad advice is because that’s what they’ve been told. Think about it: nearly everyone who succeeds claims “hard work” as their key. What most don’t realize is, they think that because they’ve been told that. They fall back on that because, really, they can’t explain their success, feel guilty or insecure about it and use this ubiquitous answer, not because it IS the answer, but because so many people believe it and in parroting it they defend themselves when others claim they don’t deserve success they’ve created.

      Which is why so many, when they claim their success comes from their own hard work, they make that claim often stridently or angrily. Have you notice that?

      But notice those who are really successful, extraordinarily successful. Those people won’t attribute success to “hard work”. The ones who own their success and aren’t ashamed or embarrassed by it, the ones who don’t listen to those who claim they don’t deserve their success, they attribute it to “luck” or “fortune”. This gets closer to the truth. They have no idea how they did it. They know it wasn’t their “hard work”. After all, many of them will acknowledge they didn’t actually work very hard.

      But they don’t know what the key was either. That’s why they give luck, God, or fortune credit. Not themselves.

      The answer to your question is: the key is the same thing that had you enjoy your early youth. It’s a care-free-ness, it’s a playfulness, a joyfulness, a rambunctious self-knowing. This is borne of knowing you’re god in human form (as I put it) or, in other words, living in “grace” “deservedness” and “worthiness”.

      As a very young child this is obvious. But as people “grow up”, they trade this knowing (often by necessity) in favor of parents’ bogus ideas of what it takes. I did this for many years. Thankfully, I came to my senses. 😂

      I’m not Christian, yet it must be acknowledged that the Jesus was onto something when he said (something like) to enter Heaven’s Kingdom, you must become as a child. “Heaven’s kingdom” is an analogy meaning “success” (however you define it). So the answer to the question is, become like you were. Know your clarity, your self-love, your blessedness, your worthiness. The vast majority of humans don’t believe they’re worthy.

      This works because when you know your worthiness you discover the Universe constantly gives you whatever you focus on as a desire. You realize it’s not your job to make things happen. Rather it’s your job to bask in your blessedness…just like birds, bees and flowers…and allow the Universe to shower you with your deserved blessings as it does for birds, bees and flowers. When you do that, it amplifies your knowing that you’re blessed. For how could you not believe you’re blessed when you witness everything you want coming easily to you?

      But since you’re not a bird, bee or flower, it’s a bit more complicated than that. You must also be open to hearing signals coming from your deeper knowing that guide you in action towards that which you want. Your job is: follow those guides and, in time, you’ll gradually come into all you desire. Not through “work”. For following these guides will ALWAYS feel like fun, excitement, passion, joy…and this is why that second group of people, the really successful, will acknowledge they didn’t work hard. Because it didn’t feel like “hard work”. It was fun, a blast, a head trip, a big party, the time of their lives….in other words, they followed their inner knowing.

      The challenge is, most people have shut down the connection through which “inner knowing” can be “heard”. I show people how to reopen that connection.

      So that’s the key: knowing you’re blessed. When you know that, you see reality differently. When you see it differently, you see everything you want happening on your behalf. Not “believing” that’s what’s happening, but actually seeing it. Then hard work isn’t necessary. Just joyful being. That’s what everyone knew life would be like when they chose to be here.

      I write every week about what opening that connection looks like, how to practically implement what I’ve described as the key: how to find the lock, insert the key, turn it and unlock the door leading to the effortless having of the Charmed Life. It’s simple. Far more simple than what our world tells us.

      So you know what you want. You know now you can have it without hard work. I suggest you test it out and see what happens. I promise you, you’ll be amazed, delighted and, eventually, ecstatic at how great life gets. Just as I feel delight and amazement at how easily this response rolled through my fingers! What fun!


      1. haha love your answer! and come to think of it you’re right on point. People who spend 90 – 100 hours a week working, they’re actually not working, they’re just doing what they love. Your answer has really opened up a lot of things. I aspire to be successful one day and i’ll never forget this piece of advice. Your answer has just changed the life course of a 15 year old. Thank you!

        1. It’s always a pleasure. Note too that of all people “working hard”, very, very few really become “successful”. Especially VERY successful. Most just work hard. 🤫

        2. Good morning. It should be added that not everyone working those kinds of hours are doing it because they love it. Some are doing it because they believe they must. They don’t like doing it, they resist doing it and complain about it. If given a chance they wouldn’t do that. I would suggest to those people: stop doing it!

          But if a person loves what they do, that kind of time put in doesn’t feel like work. It’s fun. That said, most would enjoy more balance and variety.

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