Hard work is not the key to success

Photo: Matthew Schwartz

Life experience says: all you want comes through hard work.

Or does it?

Life says you all you want comes through hard work because that’s what you tell yourself.

When you read books from people who “worked hard”, when you believe you have to work long hours because your colleagues, your “competitors” do, or your boss expects you to, when you feel you have to work weekends because you’re “behind the 8 ball”, you reinforce your belief story; the one seemingly consistent with your life experience that says “success comes from hard work.”

But your story is NOT consistent with your life experience. Your life experience is consistent with your story.

Change your story and your life will shape itself to fit the new story you tell.

You’ll get immediate results. But unless you know what to look for, you will miss them.

And that’s why people think positive thinking, affirmations, law of attraction and things like that don’t work. Because they don’t know what to look for.

Should you be able to drive if you don’t know what road markings mean, or if you don’t understand driving “rules”? Should you be able to teach someone else to drive?

Our guess is you’ll say “Of course not.”

Then we think you’ll agree that not knowing how to see the signs that positive thinking, affirmations and such are working, kinda disqualifies you from being an authority on whether such things work or not.

It’s better to just say “I don’t know.” Because if you don’t know how to see the signs, you don’t know.

Hard work can and often seems to lead to success. That’s only because so many people are working hard at being successful. Meanwhile, what’s actually creating the success they enjoy, has very little to do with the effort they employ.

Hard work is not the key to success. Success comes despite the hard work offered. So why are hard workers often successful and those who don’t work hard (seemingly) so often not?

Interesting paradox, isn’t it? Because a lot of hard workers are often not successful and sometimes those who don’t work hard are.

Most of us don’t seem to have the luxury of slowing down and exploring what they’re reading here. But if they overcome that story and test what we’re offering, they will find accuracy in all of this.

You can be successful without all the struggle you think you have to offer to get it.


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