An Awesome Update On My Teleportation Results

Photo credit: Warren Wong

TLDR: The author recounts an experience asserting it to have been a precursor to occult abilities. They say what’s remarkable about this experience is another person witnessed the whole event. An ER visit negated any medical explanations, even though doctors, who dislike saying “I have no idea what happened”, diagnosed what happened as vasovagal syncope. The author then expresses eagerness at a future full of super humans based on their example.

What happened this week is truly remarkable. I’m glad another person experienced it with me, so his account could support my own. What happened was a definite sign of me manifesting the ability to realize all my occult aspirations. Aspirations including teleportation, shape shifting, astral travel and more.

But that’s not all that came from this awesome experience. It also showed me the power of this Positively Focused practice. The practice offered, in this really amazing experience, an awesome gift. One that I know my clients will someday also experience. One promised as part of the Positively Focused Way.

More on that later. First, here’s what happened.

It prompts an emergency room visit

My good friend Mark and I planned to meet for lunch. I was eager about that because we hadn’t eaten where we planned in years. In fact, I was surprised the place remained open after COVID. That’s one reason we decided to meet there; as a kind of celebration that they’re still around.

I also planned the meal as a celebration. Five new people have become clients since this past January. These days, I celebrate new client arrivals by taking myself out for a nice meal. So this lunch was part of that celebratory ritual. We must amplify our successful manifestations by celebrating them, yes? Thus this practice.

I rode my bike downtown. Upon arriving I saw Mark walking towards the restaurant. We arrived at almost the exact same time. As he went in and grabbed a table, I locked my bike. We greeted each other and sat down. I wanted a better seat so I suggested we move to where we both could look out the windows.

The server brought us water and menus as we caught up on our lives. Then, as we talked over what we would order, something strange started happening in me. Here’s what I wrote, directly from my private journal:

A stroke? Or a supernatural experience?

My Broader Perspective tells me what happened today was a mystical event. I wound up in the Veteran’s Administration (VA) emergency room. I was with Mark. He and I thought I had a stroke. Here’s what happened.

I went to the gym. I ran one mile, overdoing the pace to the point where I strained my calves. Then I performed my regular weight workout. That felt great. 

Before that I ate an egg on bread and drank tea. 

Then I rode my bike downtown. I got there right on time, locked my bike and went in the restaurant. Mark already got a table. We moved to a better table then talked about his beach house and the glass house that startup guy made.

While Mark talked about it, nausea swept over me. Then I felt like I needed to vomit or poop. I went to the toilet and popped a bit, then returned to the table. I felt better but when I sat down the symptoms returned but with greater force. As far as I know, no external “triggers”, like smells or sightings of things like blood, caused this.

The next thing I know, Mark is holding a cup of water to my lips with his hand on my shoulder. I had no fear or worry. I just felt I had gone “somewhere” and returned. 

Mark said I suddenly “wasn’t there”. My eyes were open, he said, but when calling my name I was unresponsive. I did feel I had gone “somewhere” but I don’t know where and have no recall of where I went. 

Checking…just in case

I once again felt I needed to use the bathroom. Then I broke out in a cold sweat again, and felt odd in my body. Mark helped me to the bathroom, then, when I returned, he gave me aspirin and told me to swallow them as it looked to him like I had a stroke. 

Not understanding what this was I felt it a good idea that we go to the VA emergency department ASAP. So we bee-lined it there. 

I was treated with first-class service as usual. They asked Mark and I to recount the experience. Then they took my vitals. In the emergency room they took an EKG, blood and did a neural responsiveness test, which I passed. While waiting for the blood results, they also did a CAT scan. 

Both blood test and scan returned normal/healthy readings except one which looked as though I wasn’t eating enough. They also gave me IV fluids. 

The doctors diagnosed me as having had a vasovagal syncope episode, which essentially means I had a fainting spell. But there was no trigger….

Asking my Broader Perspective this evening if this was a mystical experience, they returned a very strong affirmative indication.

A mystical experience indeed!

I’m writing this a couple days after the event. The nausea and “odd” sensations came and went twice. Then suddenly I was “out” of physical reality. That’s the moment Mark noticed me “not there”. I mean, obviously, my body was there. But my consciousness was not. That part of me that is “I” departed physical reality.

That’s why I didn’t “see” Mark get up from his side of the table. Nor did I feel him put his hand on the shoulder of my body. I wasn’t there after all. I “came back” with him standing beside me on my right, his left hand on my shoulder and holding a cup of water to my lips in his right hand.

Again, I have no idea where I went. But I speculate that this event was the first in a gradual series of experiences not dissimilar from how I soothed resistance keeping me from clearly perceiving dream reality.

Durning the process of clearly perceiving dream reality, I at first didn’t recall any dreams. Prior to this, like many clients, I didn’t even believe I dreamed. With the right suggestions however, I began gradually experiencing snippets of dream reality. Snippets that finally coalesced into the long-form, super-vivid and highly satisfying dream experiences I now enjoy. Experiences I can recall almost at will any time.

I believe what happened in the restaurant represents the next step in a similar process. One that will eventually have me able to do all the things I mentioned in the first paragraph of this story. It’s a process beginning with waves of Kundalini energy clearing away energy blockages in my physical and ephemeral body. And now this experience where I “departed” physical reality, leaving my body behind, in front of someone who could verify what happened. Astounding!

What this definitely means

What’s also interesting is I experienced NO FEAR AT ALL about dying or about having a stroke. I was completely fine about it all. I wonder if that’s because I knew it wasn’t a life-threatening health event. Instead, it was the continuing unfolding manifestation of my desire to be able to do these things…

Instead of fear, I feel strong curiosity. Curiosity and eagerness for the next step. I’m eager to be able to be conscious of that place I “go” to so I may then direct my consciousness to another physical location, then have my body appear there.

That’s how Seth describes the process of teleportation. According to Seth, we can project our consciousness, the essence of that which we are, out of our bodies. Then we can “move” to another location. It doesn’t have to be on earth. Then, holding our intention in the new location, the body in our old location will dissolve and reconstitute in the new place our consciousness exists.

It’s happening! (Photo by Warren Wong)

Imagine what that will be like! Imagine being able to teleport to any location, anywhere. The implications are astounding!

I also believe this initial phenomena is a kind of nexus for the other skills. Astral travel, of course, means traveling outside of the physical body. Shapeshifting too, it seems, would require temporarily separating from the body so the body can reconstitute along the lines of the consciously-held desired physical form.

Perhaps this is how the shape shifter avoids feeling pain associated with all that reconstitution. It’s not that the body turns into another one. Rather, the existing body is replaced by a new body, a vibration assembly that’s coherent to the new image consciousness holds!

An astounding future for humanity

The VA emergency room doctors said I experienced a “vasovagal syncopic episode“. Doctors don’t like saying “I have no idea.” I don’t think this was a vasovagal syncope experience. In such experiences, a trigger typically fires off the episode. According to the link above, typical triggers include standing for long periods of time, heat exposure, seeing blood, having blood drawn or fear of bodily injury.

But none of those happened. And while the experience seemed involuntary, I’m confident future ones will come with more volition.

In the meantime, many more, more serious implications arise with such abilities. One could, for example, go places “off limits” to unauthorized personnel. I could visit secret military installations, for example. Area 51 here I come! (jk)

I’m more interested in traveling to different countries without needing the “travel” part. Think about that! Near instantaneous transportation. The ability to travel ANYWHERE. That’s pretty intriguing. I’d like to see what it’s like on a habitable planet light years from ours…

But what’s most cool about this emerging ability is being an example for others to follow. An example that expands what it means to be human. That’s what I came into physical reality for: to expand past preconceived notions humanity holds and to open the door to a completely new reality for the human race. A race of super humans.

Prospects of that thrill me to no end. Let’s see what awesome results happen next!

When Universal Results Show Me How Fun Life Is

Photo by Caroline LM on Unsplash

So this experience fills me with joy. It’s doing that because of all the really astounding things the Universe delivered, all in just one experience. As a result, I’m reveling in how real all this “you create your reality” business is. And, my clients’ experiences mirror my own. Meaning, I’m getting confirmation of my own practice through seeing my clients produce their own, similar results.

There’s so much to tell in just this one story. I want to jump right in. But first I want to caveat this story by writing this: everyone can create these kinds of experiences. In fact, they already happen in all our lives.

But if we’re not tuned into them, they don’t look like they’re happening. They are though. I want everyone to consciously experience these things, because I’m getting so much joy from them happening, I want everyone to share in the fun. My clients already are, as you know, if you read this blog frequently.

Ok, let’s dive into this wonderful unfolding!

The Road of Bones

Early last year, I went to my dentist. They’ve been my go-to clinic for years now. Recently, however, key people there moved on, much to my disappointment. I really enjoyed them, including the Hygienist, with whom I enjoyed playful banter.

Staff turnover included a new dentist, I’ll call Robert. Now, I think Robert was on the spectrum. I think that because he didn’t show much empathy and warmth upon entering my exam room, after the new Hygenist cleaned my teeth. Speaking of the Hygenist, that person, who happened to be an Eastern European, cleaned my teeth like she was building the Road of Bones. She took no prisoners and harbored no sympathy for pain while cleaning my teeth. So much so that when I jerked at her torturous cleaning method, I expected to hear her call me a “baby.”

“Stop being baby,” I could hear her say in her thick slavic accent. She didn’t actually say that or have an accent. But the look she gave me…

I digress, however.

So when Robert came into the exam room, I already was not feeling very happy about things. And that told me something was in the works. If I wanted what I wanted – a pleasing dental experience – I would need to align to that. So that’s what I planned to do.

Robert laid down Dental Law. He demanded that I get fitted for a mouth guard and that I get one filling replaced. He and “Olga” (the Hygenist, not her real name) put that in my record. I didn’t feel like I had an option. Nor did I feel it was even my teeth! They just did what they did!

A stellar review….

When I got home, teeth cleaned and throbbing, I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like being treated like chopped liver while Olga and Robert decided for me what would happen with my teeth. So I called to make another appointment. I told Alma, the receptionist what happened and that I wanted to talk in-depth to Robert about his edicts. I also told Alma I didn’t want Olga and her instruments anywhere near my mouth. Alma scheduled my next appointment on Olga’s day off.

At the consult appointment, Robert explained in detail why he made his decisions. He didn’t apologize for his poor bedside manner, but his rationale made sense. But I wasn’t about to pay $400 plus for a mouth guard. The filling replacement was comparatively cheap. So I agreed to that.

In the meantime, I used my powers of creation to attract an alternative to that Rolls Royce mouth guard. Fascinatingly enough, weeks later, I came across an excellent alternative: Pro Teeth Guard. A California-based lab, Pro Teeth Guard is the same lab dentists send their patient’s measurements to have mouth guards made. Pro Teeth Guard has a process allowing patients to “go to the Source” and have guards made – get this – for a fraction of the cost dentists charge.

Obviously, that’s what I did. And I must say, that guard is great! So great I made a video testimonial for Pro Teeth Guard:

My testimonial for the guard I manifested, the one I saved a lot of money on!

A savant in my mouth…

Meanwhile, I went to my next appointment for that filling replacement. Robert may have bad bedside manner, but when it comes to technical aspects of being a dentist, may I just say, he’s a savant!

He and the Hygenist (not Olga) worked together like one mind. It was beautiful to watch and definitely a joy to experience. NO PAIN at all registered. And when Robert stuck me with the needle to slide nerve-deadening novocain into my gums, I didn’t feel a thing either!

The whole process was done in minutes. That shocked me. So did the painlessness of it all as well as how efficient the two were in their movements and timings moving in and out of my mouth. It was a work of Performance Art. Performance Art that had the side benefit of fixing my tooth! Wundebah!

I was so impressed with that experience, I wrote a stellar review about it. I want to include a link, but doing so would reveal the dentist’s real name, which I don’t want to do because…well, you’ll read why in a moment.

Suffice it to say I was extremely positive about Robert and his abilities. I could do with his shitty bedside manner if he’s going to be so adept at his profession.

Little did I know coming into non-resistance about his bedside manner would produce such an amazingly satisfying unfolding. That’s what happened next.

Thank goodness it wasn’t this serious! (Photo by Quang Tri NGUYEN on Unsplash)

A nice surprise

My next appointment was six months later. That’s standard. What unfolded was not though. A winter storm stormed through Portland which bursted water pipes a my dentist’s facility. Water flooded the whole place, which forced the business to move to a temporary spot.

That was the beginning of the unfolding: that spot was closer to where I live. Bonus!

I sat in the waiting room until a guy called my name. Turns out Ross, my new Hygenist, was a guy! He was the first male Hygenist I’ve ever had in my whole life. On the way to the exam room, I mentioned this. I expressed appreciation for experiencing diversity in this way. Ross mentioned once being a traveling Hygenist. He said he settled into this permanent position solely because of the dentist who worked here.

I thought he meant Robert, but I was in for a nice surprise.

Ross told me that the clinic owner let Robert go because many patients complained about his really bad bedside manner. “His technical skills were excellent,” Ross said. “I’ve looked at images of his work. He was skilled. But patients didn’t like how he treated them.”

Interesting. So through other people complaining about Robert, I didn’t have to complain. The Universe conspired to create this lovely surprise…on top of a surprise!

Ross and I have a lot in common. He’s exacting. He commutes by bicycle. And he enjoys the outdoors. And, unlike Olga, he’s super sensitive to patient needs. Ross understood my pain threshold, but, he urged me to “go along” with feeling a little pain because, he said, his job was to clean my teeth. That, he said, was the priority. Still, he assured me he would go easy on the pain.

A piece of cake! (Photo by Caroline LM on Unsplash)

An excellent visit gets better

Easy on the pain!? I didn’t feel a thing through most of the session! He masterfully moved around my molars and other teeth grinding away at the buildup. By the time he finished, I felt in good hands.

While cleaning my teeth, Ross extolled the virtues of Dr. Ramirez, the dentist who filled in behind Robert. By the time Ross finished his part of my visit, I was eager to meet the Doc.

When he arrived, I was once again delighted. I’m pretty sure the Doc is queer. Being queer myself, I have really good gaydar. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t. Whether he was or not, the three of us had a great time sharing on a variety of topics before the Doc gave me excellent guidance on how to keep my teeth healthy going forward.

It was such an excellent dentist visit. Certainly the best of my life. And, I thought the visit was going to be around $475. Instead, it was a little over a quarter of that cost. Bonus! I left the dentist office feeling better than I ever have leaving the dentist.

So what happened here? What happened was, I experienced what I didn’t want: an insensitive Hygenist, and a skilled dentist with poor bedside manner. Then I looked for things I could appreciate about the situation and lined up with those. I became Positively Focused in other words. Then the Universe took care to create a situation flowing over with an abundance of what I wanted.

A perfect manifestation!

Tune into delightful unfolding

Realizing I got everything I wanted, and some things I didn’t know I wanted, without having to do anything thrilled me. Writing about it now thrills me even more. It’s so cool seeing the Universe line up outcomes – manifestations that surprise and delight me. Incidents like these bolster my knowing that I am at the center of All That Is.

But I’m not the only one there. The paradox of All That Is is that all of us exist at the center of that. And when we align ourselves to that reality, we discover our lives unfold with ease. They unfold with ease while we continually discover all that we want happens with perfect timing, under perfect circumstances. This always happens. But if we’re not tuned into the happening, we don’t see it. It literally eludes us.

Want to get tuned in? Let’s talk. I love helping people discover how powerful they are as creators of their own reality!

The Amazing, Good Life Lesson Of Donald Trump

By The White House – Official White House Facebook page, Public Domain

TLDR: The author claims Donald Trump’s life epitomizes the power of Law of Attraction. They show how by “telling it like he wants it” Trump created a life of his own design. Yet, these days, the author claims, Trump is creating a reality he doesn’t want by focusing on precisely that, thereby proving a basic principle of Law of Attraction

This story is neither a critique or a praise piece for the former president and 34-count felon. Instead, it’s an examination of how the Positively Focused practice, applied to his life, proves itself.

For despite all his lies and machiavellian actions, for the most part, Donald Trump has gotten what he wanted. I attribute that to his willingness to ignore others’ opinions. In other words, Trump achieved much of what he has over his life because he focused. And in focusing, he got what he’s wanted. Including a stint as POTUS.

Unfortunately, though, the moment Trump went into politics, he started shooting himself in the vibrational foot, which explains his current set of judicial predicaments. Judicial predicaments are not new for Trump. But this new batch is much more detrimental.

Let’s look at how Trump used what we talk about in the Positively Focused Practice to literally change the trajectory of his life for the better…then for the worse.

Focusing on what he wants

Despite many run-ins with the legal system, Trump has always told it like he wants it to be. And, when contradicted by others, or the facts, he continued sticking to his story. As a result, Trump enjoys tremendous momentum in his focus. Yes, practically thinking, many of his hustles, deals, projects, whatever you want to call them, may seem nefarious. But it’s hard to deny that the man has a way with getting what he wants. Especially when it comes to money.

Is this because he has all the right people in all the right places? Obviously not, because his nefarious acts seem to get out no matter how much “fixing” he tries to employ. But no matter; in the aggregate, Trump as an individual, enjoyed an immense winning streak, making himself known throughout the US and the world. And this was before becoming president.

Speaking of becoming president, if you go back and read what he said about both parties before he ran, you’ll see he understood politics pretty well. Trump isn’t dumb, therefore. He knows what he’s doing. And he does it well.

The New York Times once praised Trump’s ability to shake off legal challenges. A Time Magazine article, confirmed his ability to adroitly use the legal system to get his way. He successfully delayed most of his most recent legal troubles so that he could take another shot at the White House this year. This is no fluke. He calls it like he wants it. And he gets his way.

Classified intelligence material found during search of Mar-a-Lago. Will Trump get away with it? We’ll see. (Photo By United States Department of Justice – Public Domain)

It’s about focus

Everyone can enjoy similar success at creating a reality matching one’s wildest desires. Nothing is off the table. Not even the White House, apparently. But it requires focus. And, if anything, Trump has that in spades.

Nothing is wrong in all the Universe. It’s humans who create “right” and “wrong”. The Universe doesn’t see physical reality that way. Instead, it sees it as all good. That’s because every expression of physical reality contributes to the “more” that is All That Is. The more the better.

Even All That Is would get bored with everything being one way. Surprise and delight are orders of the day. So is diversity of everything. And you can bet there are things in All That Is that it delights in that humans would call “wrong” and even “immoral”. Tragedy and abhorrence, therefore, are just as valid expressions of All That Is as the most saintly and pious acts.

This means anything you can conceive of enjoying you can enjoy as your experience. But be careful how you think about what it is you want. Because how you think about it can put the kibosh on what you’re wanting. I talk about this a lot in this blog.

And that’s what’s plaguing Trump now too. As a result of entering politics, he’s gotten himself into a train of thought, a way of storytelling, that doesn’t serve his interests. It’s because of that that All That Is inspired people like Fani Willis, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen and others to come out about Trump and his….predilections.

Setting the stage for his downfall

The moment Trump entered the White House, actually slightly before, Trump started focusing on things he didn’t want. He focused on staying in the White House by focusing on “not losing”. He focused a lot on his “enemies” rather than those who support him. Trump focused on “rigged” political and legal processes that he claims are out to get him. As a result, all of those things became more prominent in his experience.

The more one focuses on what they don’t want, the more of what they don’t want will show up. The more detailed and intense those things will get too. This explains why the media, known for uncovering the whole story, really began scrutinizing Trump after he won the presidential election. He attacked the press in retaliation, while at the same time currying favors from and sidling up to other media organizations such as Fox News and American Media Incorporated.

In time, these organizations would find themselves wrapped up in similar legal troubles. Especially after Trump triggered the Jan. 6 insurrection.

And that’s the other trouble with Trump’s focus since winning the White House. He aligned himself with people whose dominant focus is extremely negative. That caused his vibration to mix even more with theirs. It’s no wonder, for example, that Trump loves Putin, the North Korean dictator and other nefarious characters. It’s also no wonder he’s sidled up with far right people too. And that others like him are replicating his behavior around the world.

Yes, Trump sees them as his supporters. But he also sees these people as vibrational equals in terms of the way they focus: mostly on themselves as victims. Trump sees himself as the ultimate victim, and thus as his fellow victims’ saviors. It’s this alignment that set the stage for his downfall.

The pitfalls of focusing on “unwanted”

Of course, there are no victims. Everyone creates their reality, including experiences that come their way. That’s a harsh thing to hear when considering certain subjects, such as sexual abuse.

But there’s no way around it because the universe is recursive, meaning, every particle of it functions under the same principles. So to say victims exist would mean the principles apply to only certain situations. But the principles apply to every situation, no exceptions.

So as Trump more and more blames others for his troubles, he will get more evidence that that, in fact, is true. Why? Because life will verify any belief as true.

Another way he digs a hole for himself is by trying to solve his problems through action. Doing appears to be the way things happen. If that were the case, then, again, there’d be an exception to universal principles.

Vibration and attraction is how things happen. Action or doing is the penultimate manifestation just prior to the full-blown fulfillment of a desire. Action is what brings the person to the point in time and space where the their desire fulfills itself.

That’s how when a person focuses on something they don’t want, such as the story “I’m unlovable” their relationships will consistently give them evidence supporting that. Then the person will act in unlovable ways, thus creating circumstances in which partners leave.

It’s not the unlovable acts creating the results. It’s the story that prompts or inspires unlovable acts.

A perfect example

I’m eager to see where Trump’s life trajectory takes him in the next 18 months. With another massive state lawsuit on the horizon, and several other federal ones, he’s created quite a ride for himself. And, with the election coming, it will be interesting to see how reality collapses around what he focuses on.

In the meantime, I’m eager too that all this mess has caused people to ask for more. And the Universe is delivering. So much being out of whack in the United States, especially our political climate, foretells of a great rebalancing coming. A rebalancing that could create a future far better than the present we currently have.

Make no mistake though. Some people thrive no matter how bad it gets. Those are the people whose focus is consistently on what they want, not what they don’t want. Millions of others may suffer no matter how good it gets too, for the opposite reason: focusing on what they don’t want.

Yes, it would be nice for all those suffering to not have to suffer. But since the Universe responds to individual vibration, we can’t do much to alleviate others’ suffering. Even if we fix all the problems, some people would still suffer.

You and I don’t need to suffer though. Trump is giving us a great example of how to do it right…and not so right.

How To Bend The Government To Your Will

Photo by Samuel Schroth on Unsplash

TLDR: The author uses their personal experience using the power of deliberate creation to influence their government to suggest that everyone can do the same. The example shows how individuals hold the ultimate power. Not governments.

The power of government, like the power of everything, lies within you. You can shape the government to your desires. Doing so, however, requires high-level alignment to All That Is. That is, you cannot push against the tide of All That Is. And All That Is is progressive.

All That Is is constantly expanding into more. It voraciously moves in the direction of the undiscovered. All That Is seeks that which is new, that which has never been done before. So if you’re trying to thwart something you think is unfair, immoral or “against nature” or even “against god”, then you push against the tide of All That Is.

Humans have a way of thinking they understand what All That Is is about. They’ve written books about their thinking and called those books “the will of god”. But the god they think is god isn’t that. Sure, there’s wisdom in those books. After all, humans are god in human form.

But because of the nature of “human” a lot of distortion lies in those books too. The trick of getting at the wisdom is knowing the difference between the wisdom and the distortion.

This story details an unfolding thrilling me these last few days. It’s evident of everything you just read. You are the creator of your reality. All of it. That means your government too. Here’s an example of how you can shape it to your will.

Let’s dive in.

Shaping your government flows from your focus

First we must realize the government we experience is uniquely ours. It’s not the same government others experience.

That’s because every point of consciousness exists in its own reality. And that reality emerges from and reflects back to it, the consciousness experiencing it.

This explains again why trying to force others to accept your version of what you want brings difficulty and resistance. People inherently know they create their own reality. So they’ll naturally resist something that isn’t their creation.

And yet, those who don’t know what you just read are willing stooges. Others can easily dupe them into following a “leader” because those people live mainly in a subtle, yet pervasive sense of insecurity. An insecurity that has them reaching for relief from that insecurity through a source external to them. This is what we see with both major political parties and politicians in general. Politicians are happy to be that external source. But politicians also are insecure, which explains why so much churn exists in politics.

But you don’t need involve yourself in any of that to enjoy a government that supports what you desire. You only need to focus on what you want. Focus on what you want purely and with a delicate form of nonchalance, and the government will bend to your desire. It won’t happen instantly, but it must happen if you hold your focus.

That’s what happened with me over the last three years.

Many think god will line up against their enemies. They claim that being is on their side. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Deliberate creation springs from one’s emotions

Back in 2021 then president-elect Biden ran on a platform which included forgiving student loan debt. He wasn’t the only one. Several other progressives at the time argued for doing the same. Existing provisions in federal law offered paths to student loan debt forgiveness. But Biden wanted to expand that.

As a holder of student debt myself, I was all for it. The moment candidates began talking about this, I was on board. Indeed, I had a strong sense my student debt would be forgiven. So I held lightly the idea and doing so pleased me. So did the idea. This is a positive sign.

Nearly every new client, when asked the purpose of emotions, gets the answer wrong. Which tells me people don’t understand emotions’ purpose. But this is a crucial bit of information! Without it, humans literally are adrift on a sea of emotions, bobbing around on waves with no control, no rudder, no way to steer a course. Without course selection ability, they remain buffeted by the waves. Waves coming in the form of the latest “breaking” news, or the latest “leader” trying to get their attention, their vote, their money or all of the above.

But those who understand emotions’ purpose enjoy tremendous influence. Not influence over others, although that happens, but influence over their reality. They can literally shape their reality to their desires, thereby becoming deliberate creators.

That’s what I was doing by noticing how pleased I felt while entertaining the idea of the government forgiving my student loan debt.

Biden expressing his intents on student loan forgiveness back in 2020.

The soft focus creates manifestation

Now, emotions don’t create reality. Reality emerges as vibration energy assembles about itself along frequencies matching the core vibration. All that happening doesn’t feel like much at first.

Not long after momentum ensues, however, vibration becomes thought. And our brains are designed to interpret evolved or expanded vibration that is thought into thought form. That’s what happens in the process humans call “thinking”.

Our job as humans is to hold that focus on that evolved or expanded vibration. Doing that, we add our own momentum to the unfolding. In time, that focus must move that vibrational expansion into a manifestation; a manifestation our senses interpret as “physical reality”.

So as I felt pleasure thinking this idea of the government forgiving my debt, I focused on the pleasure and the idea. Not with a rigid death grip on the idea, but a soft focus similar to what martial artists practice at advanced levels. Doing that, I could feel momentum increase. What happened next was part of the unfolding.

The following year I had a dream. In the dream I stood in line with others who all were getting their student loan debt forgiven. Here’s my journal entry recording the experience.

A dream where I am fulfilling my desire!

Dreams are an important aspect of deliberate creation. Knowing their role adds confidence to the whole process. So the fact I had a dream about having my student loan paid off helped bolster my belief in what was happening.

Nothing can resist momentum

Of course, most republicans were not OK with democrats proposing what they were proposing. In fact, many right wingers even now oppose the idea. Those who claim people should “pull their own weight” and “pay their debts” have no idea what’s happening in All That Is. They’re literally clueless.

I wonder, what did conservatives who think people should “earn their living and pay their debts” do to “earn” their place in reality? How did they earn their being born into the world? How are they earning the air they breathe, or the energy of the sun that warms them and the planet for their benefit? I often wonder how they earned the results of all those who came before them; who dedicated their lives and energy to creating the future; the things and ideas that these people today enjoy?

If conservatives really looked at what’s happening in physical reality, they would see they earn none of what matters most in their lives. Indeed, these things flow to everyone equally in a state of massive abundance. An abundance that is constantly becoming more.

So when republicans started trying to put the kibosh on Biden’s plans to forgive student loan debt, even when their efforts got to the Supreme Court, and those nitwits ruled Biden’s first attempt unconstitutional, I held my focus. I knew this was evidence of “what is” pushing back against what is becoming. And so I stood my vibrational ground, knowing all would unfold as I desired.

Nothing can withstand new momentum once it gets underway. Including momentum of what is. Indeed, because of this, the deliberate creator can experience the “push back” inherent in “what is” not as resistance, but as a sign of things going their way.

How physical matter works

What is, the state of reality in physical, is vibrational momentum at a state actualized into reality. Humans think this state — what is — is the now, the present. But it’s not the present. What is, is the past. It has manifestED. What’s manifestINGis the present moment, the now. And that always trumps “what is” eventually because All That Is ALWAYS wants more.

But what is, the energy inherent in it, enjoys its own momentum. So it kind of pushes back on that which is becoming. That’s a natural part of how physical matter works: it will resist somewhat that which emerges from it. That’s right, what’s becoming ALWAYS emerges from what is. This state of emergence is the contrast Abraham refers to so often.

The problem with human perception is we amplify what is by focusing on it. We also amplify it by reacting to it. Amplification causes what is to persist.

The key to having anything improve is not focusing on physical reality therefore. When we instead focus on what we desire as an emerging reality, we add momentum to and amplify that. Then that happens faster and easier.

That’s what I did when the SCOTUS ruled against Biden’s plans. I knew even the “highest court in the land” can’t stand against that which I create.

The SCOTUS ruling was just last year. More than two years had gone by. I was determined in my focus. I know how reality happens. So I didn’t allow myself to feel daunted by the SCOTUS ruling. Instead, I felt even more committed that my debt would be forgiven.

What happened next convinced me even more.

It’s always about the journey

After the Supreme Court ruling, Biden took a different tack. He found a way around the ruling, thus forgiving some $48B in student debt the same year the court struck down his earlier attempt.

I knew this was a positive sign. Momentum ensued further and by February this year the administration had forgiven over $138B in student loan debt. By this time, I knew the government would forgive my own debt soon.

And that’s exactly what happened.

The best indicator showing that your desired reality is flowing into your experience is that you aren’t thinking about it hardly at all. And when it happens, it just feels like an “of course”. This is especially true for those big manifestations we’re wanting.

That’s because by the time momentum has built to the point of manifestation, you just know it’s happening. After all, this manifesting business isn’t about the manifestations. It’s really about the journey to the manifestation.

Manifestations’ value lie in their unfolding. When we hold a desire, we summon life force through us. That feeling of life force flowing is what puts the eternal in eternity. So the more desires we have, the more we contribute to All That Is. This explains why people have so many desires!

The problem for many people is they don’t know what you’re reading. So they don’t know how to line up and receive what they’re creating. And that explains why things often take a long time to improve: people aren’t lining up with their desire. So they die without real-izing their desires. Meanwhile, future generations get to experience them. So it’s all good!

Feeling great feels great

All the while, as the administration forgave people’s loans, they said eligible people would get an email from the Department of Education. So on Friday, when I received my email, I wasn’t surprised at all. Instead, I just felt really, really pleased. Pleased and confident that “I did this.”

My email from the Department of Education.

It was an “of course” when I saw it in my inbox. But it also indicated something else. With the doubling of my clients, and the increase in the rate I’m charging clients, I’m doing very, very well in manifesting money in my life. Indeed, I’m on track to enjoying a six-figure income from my client practice.

In addition to that, I have other manifestations in the works regarding money. Really big, exciting manifestations. And I know this student loan forgiveness manifestation is a stepping stone along that path to financial abundance.

With this forgiveness I’m officially debt-free. That feels great. My plans for my financial future are HUGE. And thinking about them, like I thought about this student loan forgiveness manifestation, means they, too, are unfolding…all in perfect timing.

But what really feels great is the feeing of feeling great. It is the epitome of life experience. The Charmed Life I write about is the feeling I’m describing here. Sure, the manifestations are fantastic. But what really feels great is the ongoing feeling of improved mood. A feeling of joy, of confidence, of clarity.

Clarity that I am a deliberate creator. One who creates their reality deliberately. There’s nothing better than that.

What Happened When Her “Dead” Father Came Back

Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash

TLDR: A client discovers a wondrous experience when she connects with her father, who passed away 10 years ago. The experience exemplifies how positive mindsets create experiences people believe are impossible. Yet these experiences are possible after releasing beliefs which stand in the way.

This post follows up on the wonderful experience a client had which I wrote about last week. Amazing doesn’t even get close to what happened. What happened was, after the client softened stories keeping her from experiencing what she wanted, what she wanted flowed easily into her experience.

The experience confirms everything the Positively Focused practice offers. It’s literally a wish-granting jewel. That’s because we all are All That Is, a microcosmic version of that, adding to All That Is through our unique perspective. We do that through living our lives. When we live our lives in joy, all we want flows easily.

Even things we once thought impossible. Including hearing from our “dead” relatives.

So let’s get into this joyous, mystical experience. Let’s look at what happened, how it happened and share in the client’s amazement. It will give you goosebumps.

Death: not what we think it is

The client, who I’ll call Jill, adamantly believed crying offered nothing of value. Trained by her mother, who was trained by her mother, Jill refused to cry. Working in a male-dominated profession amplified her resistance towards that act.

So when we talked about the passing of her father, which happened almost ten years ago, Jill valiantly fought back tears. She felt his passing was “unfair”. It happened suddenly, at a relatively early age. No signs of illness presented themselves before her father died. And, when he did go, he did so right in front of Jill’s mother.

From a human perspective, we can all agree that’s a pretty “tragic” way to go.

But no death is tragic from All That Is’ perspective. Nor is it tragic from the dying person’s perspective. As hard to believe as it may be, we all choose circumstances surrounding our deaths. That’s why Seth says “every death is a suicide.”

Humans put a lot of distortion over the experience Abraham calls “transition.” That’s a better word for it because it really is that; “death” is simply a transition from one state to another. Indeed, it represents a return to what we were before we became human. And, great joy accompanies that transition for most of us. In the transition, we release all our resistance and return to our fullness. It’s literally a transition from our human state, back into our nonphysical, eternal state.

So death, in other words, is not what we think it is.

Our wildest dreams: meant to be lived

All Positively Focused clients gradually get to experience this “death” thing before they die. It’s a crucial purpose of the Positively Focused practice. Fear of dying colors almost every aspect of living. It creates “time-shortage consciousness”; a feeling we’re running out of time as we age. That prevents people from living full lives. It also generates a ton of resistance. Especially about what we believe is possible.

So in the Positively Focused practice, through dream work and meditation, we show ourselves that death really is nothing to fear. We also realize we are eternal beings. Not limited to one life, then subject to annihilation. Joy flowing from these realizations is inexpressible. It’s so empowering. That empowerment opens the door to a lot of things most people feel they can’t enjoy. Like following and realizing their wildest dreams.

Wild dreams are future probable realities we can, indeed, real-ize. But doing so means lining up with such probable futures so we become a match to them. When we do, they flow effortlessly into our lives as our lives.

But a lot of resistance stands between most people and their wild dreams. Which explains why so few live lives full of fulfilled dreams!

The joy of the unexpected

Jill and I reconvened after our talk from the week prior about crying. I also wanted to resume our conversation about her dad, who transitioned ten years ago. The next day was the 10th anniversary of his passing. I knew something special was available for Jill were she able to align with it. That was my intent coming into the session: for her to have this experience. I knew it would surprise and delight her.

It wasn’t clear what exactly would happen. I just knew, from my Broader Perspective, that this session was going to be special. And that it could bring Jill an experience she wasn’t expecting.

So we talked about the “fairness” of death, particularly one like her father’s. We explored alternative explanations for why such things happened. In time, I felt Jill’s resistance softening. Both her resistance about the lack of fairness of her father’s transition, and her resistance towards crying. Indeed, as we spoke, tears flowed down her cheeks.

That’s when I knew she was ready. I offered Jill a phrase I knew would trigger the experience you’re going to read shortly. Call it a mantra, spell or incantation. It was simply a suggestion I offered her. I told her to say it several times in the morning the next morning. Then I asked her to be on the look out for a sign from her father that her father was “alive happy and care free.”

What follows is Jill’s account of what happened next, in her own words.

The weirdest thing happened

When clients say “the weirdest thing happened” — that’s a sign something happened that strains clients’ believability. And yet, they MUST believe it because it happens to them! I love it when clients get these kinds of experiences. And I love it even more when they share them –– and give me permission to share them –– like Jill did about this experience.

Jill sent me a voice message recording detailing what happened. Through “comforting” tears she recounted a mystical event that undoubtedly was orchestrated by her Broader Perspective. I’m offering two ways to experience her experience yourself.

  1. Listen to it here, in her own words. It’s powerful. Clicking on that link will likely open a new window to my google drive. Then you can play the recording. Or…
  2. Read the transcript below, which I have edited so it meets the style guide of my blog.

The recording is so much better to listen to than the words below. In the below account, I included links to the two things she references (the gossip article link and a link to the Colbert interview) so you can get the full picture.

So what follows is the text version.

Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash

Meeting her dad again

Hey Perry, good morning.

I thought I should probably share a couple things with you this morning. And if I cry, I won’t stop myself from crying, but I did the [incantation] — I can’t even think of the word right now — yesterday.

I said “Universe, please show me a sign that my dad is alive and well or doing well.” And all day yesterday was on the lookout [but] nothing really appeared.

This morning I got up and did the same thing, And I was thinking ‘OK it’s been 24 hours and maybe I can’t see it. Or maybe I have not tuned into it.

I have a guilty pleasure that I have been doing for the last 19 years when things were really, really, really bad with [my daughter’s father]. I would do two things: one I would go walk around really, really beautiful parts of San Francisco. There was so much ugliness happening in my life, I just needed beauty.

So I would walk past these like really stately old homes from the gold rush with really nice landscaping and just — I just needed physical beauty and so I would walk around the city.

And the second thing I did, which is my guilty pleasure, is, I started reading mindless celebrity gossip. Not because I give a shit about celebrities, but because it was (a). transportation out of what I was dealing with, and it was just like stepping out of things that were really heavy and really real in the moment. So that brings me to this morning.

I popped onto the one of two celebrity gossip sites that I read. And I was just scrolling through, and found the piece that I’m about to send you. I read it and I was like ‘holy shit’!

Then I watched the embedded YouTube video of Matt Damon on the Stephen Colbert show which is like not something I would ever ever, ever seek out. I don’t wanna spoil it for you, but definitely watch it. [Colbert] said something [in one of] his questions [like] “What do you think happens when we die?” and just like, my heart stopped [at Matt Damon’s] response.

The Colbert interview.

Then, the very last story that he tells was really incredible! I think you will resonate strongly with it. [That’s when] the floodgates open[ed], and I just totally started to cry, not in a bad way, but in a very ‘Wow, this is incredibly comforting’ way.

Maybe this is what you and I were trying to articulate the other day or maybe you were trying to articulate. Like I couldn’t hear it and, of course, momentum and resistance came to my head when I was thinking that.

But in that release — and I know you’re gonna be like “I told you so!” — it actually transported me back to 10 years and one day ago when my mom called me to tell me that my dad died. I was in bed, not feeling well. She called and I didn’t pick up her first call and then the second call came in and it was from my brother’s phone number.

My brother never calls anybody. That’s when I knew I had to answer the phone. And when my mom told me that my dad had died, I asked her if she was joking and she said “no that’s not something I would joke about.” I Don’t remember hanging up with her, but I sat up straight in bed — and I had forgotten this moment until this morning — and it was immediate panic like ‘oh my God oh no!’

Then this very clear thought came through, which was: Did my dad know that I loved him? I know he loved me. And it was OK. I was like ‘OK. You know that it’s OK, he knew and I knew it’s OK.’

Then the weirdest thing happened. My dog came over. He is blind and deaf and he came over to the couch and he sat [there]. [But] he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at the couch cushions next to me. And he was like pulling at it and pulling at it like there was somebody there.

You know [my husband] was not awake. There was nobody actually physically sitting there and all I could think was like ‘this is universe showing the sign!’

Life experience: the best teacher

The power of All That Is combined with the power of all that we are as individual instances of that is unlimited. We exist beyond time and space. Beyond time and space and limitations of human-ness. Those of us who transition remain with us, here. And we can continue our relationships with them. If we want.

But if we believe like most people, we can’t “see” them. Usually because we’re looking where they aren’t. Our loved ones exist in nonphysical, that place from which we come, and to which we’ll return. Accessing that while still in a physical body is available to us all. It takes practice. And a willingness to let go of bogus beliefs blocking the ability.

Jill’s experience proved this to her. It’s really hard to disbelieve when it happens to you. Disbelieving another’s experience is easier. But when it happens to you, it’s a lot harder to do that. That’s why Abraham says “life experience is the best teacher”.

Everything is possible. The question is, what are you believing that blocks what’s available to you? Want to live your wildest dreams? I say go for it. Want some help? I’m here. My client roster is filling fast though. Not trying to FOMO you. But soon, I will stop accepting new clients. So if you want to get in on the fun, there’s no better time than now.

What Happens When I Share Advice Of My Eternal Being

Photo by kat-j on Unsplash

TLDR: The author’s experience with their higher consciousness results in a transformative outcome for their client who struggles with not wanting to be seen as a “cry-baby”.

Wisdom flowing from my Broader Perspective delights everyone who hears it. Clients often talk about “golden nuggets” I share during sessions. These nuggets represent peals of wisdom coming from All That Is. All That Is being expressed by my Broader Perspective.

This happens, of course, because now I’m chronically tuned to my Broader Perspective. That’s the aspect of All That Is that is the larger part of me — That part of me that remained in nonphysical while another part of me incarnated in this body.

By allowing that Broader Perspective connection as a dominant aspect of my consciousness, I can feel its communication. That communication feels deeply satisfying. And when I receive communication, accompanying it is a strong urge to express it.

That expression is what sounds like “golden nuggets”. Sharing such a nugget is what happened recently, to the delight of a newer client. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Some background

This client, like many people, came into the world through a family of “no nonsense people”. Her mother, and her mother’s mother…and so on through past generations…believed crying to be a sign of weakness. Compounded upon that belief are stories about what it means to be a woman.

So this client, as many clients do, came to her beginning sessions with a lot of resistance about letting go of resistance. One natural way we let go of resistance is through crying. Crying represents a manifested form of abundance. It’s what happens when variation inherent in life experience is so abundant, and our focus on that so acute, we go into a state of overwhelm.

Now my clients recognize the value of the emotion “overwhelm”. All emotions give us crucial information. But the majority of people don’t know this, which explains why so many people think crying makes someone a “cry-baby”.

If that natural expression doesn’t happen, emotional build up within the human body can get so strong, it can cause other physical and mental manifestations. Manifestations like disease, for example. Or anxiety.

In fact, most “disease” results from this. Medical science is beginning to recognize that fact. In a later post, I’ll write about discoveries science is finding. Discoveries confirming what spiritual adepts like me have known since ancient times: That our bodies are manifestations of our beliefs.

In short, it’s important to release resistance. Doing so serves many goals. For one, it contributes to physical well being. Secondly, it allows us to live lives where things we want happen with little effort on our part. Other reasons support releasing resistance. But these are two big ones; at least as far as humans are concerned.

Ok, back to this client.

A beautiful communication

So this client expressed strong knee-jerk reactions to my suggestion that she should let her tears flow. “Andersons [not her real surname] don’t cry” she kept saying. It was a mantra for her, even while we spoke about her father’s passing, a subject over which she had a lot of resistance. Indeed, as if in spite of this mantra, tears began flowing down her face. What a juxtaposition of manifestations!

This conversation would continue into the next session. Meanwhile, the next morning, I came out of the dream world with communication from my Broader Perspective on this topic. The communication came fully-formed. Along with it came a strong impulse to share it. So I made myself a reminder to send the client a text after my morning rituals.

When my reminder popped up, I sent the message. It was a while before the client responded, but I knew the message hit its mark. It was from my Broader Perspective after all. And my Broader Perspective’s wisdom is unerring. Here’s what I sent. The client’s response follows:

Resurrect your wisdom

When I received the “download”, as many new agers call this communication, its beauty astounded me as well. After writing it, I too, like my client, read it and re-read it. It does flow with amazing clarity and grace. It’s almost poetic.

This is the kind of thing that’s available to all of us. We are eternal beings experiencing human conditions as a way of expanding what we are. In doing so we also expand All That Is, including humanity and this world.

Most humans live through this experience as humans. But some come into the world with strong enough clarity to want more. They know this is not all there is. And in that knowing, they spark within themselves a rebirth, usually after some time spent as an ordinary human. This process is what Neville Goddard referred to as “the resurrection.”

I like that way of putting it.

Resurrection is a glorious experience. All that follows that experience fills one with such delight, words can’t get close to describing the expeirence. I encourage anyone with an iota of interest in the spiritual, anyone who sees themselves as a seeker, to pursue their interest; to become a finder. Tap into your Broader Perspective communication, receive delightful messages of beauty and wisdom. Then see your life transform.

When Life’s Results Shows Me How Fun Life is

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

TLDR: The Universe’s humor aligns us with the abundance of life, as the author’s experience with a new client illustrates. Coincidences manifest our desires, and this synchronicity reflects a growing trend of abundance in the author’s client practice. The story highlights the joy of life aligning with our wants, and the spread of positive outcomes through clients’ lives. The author emphasizes that a delightful life is achievable by aligning with this universal abundance.

The Universe enjoys a sense of humor. It’s one reason why mirth feels so good. In mirth, we’re aligned with All That Is.

Life is a component of All That Is. Life too, enjoys a sense of humor.

So when life served me with this wonderful, humorous manifestation, I felt the humor too. The “coincidence” of what happened was so perfect, I couldn’t help but enjoy the unfolding.

This story is about what happened. Let’s take a look at that lovely “coincidence”.

More clients equals more abundance

Of course, I put “coincidence” in quotes because, really, there are no coincidences. Not in the way most people use that term. Abraham likes to say “coincidences” are the co-inciding of cooperative components, emerging in physical reality in a time and place with perfect timing. That emergence happens in a way we can enjoy that “manifestation” as the final cooperative component coming into place.

So we could say coincidences are real. Real in the sense that they happen because we manifest them. Not because they represent some random happening.

Knowing this, I enjoyed what you’re about to read. It also helped that what happened grew my client practice. Lately, in fact, more and more clients are showing up. That’s consistent with what I’ve written about over and over: that the Universe showers us with abundance. Abundance of all kinds.

The best abundance though is that aligned with what we’re wanting to see. When that happens, the world becomes delightful. Then we get even more of what we’re wanting. And that “more” comes in greater abundance. Which explains why more clients are showing up.

It’s so cool.

A playful “coincidence”

One weekend recently, while working on a blog post, a funny thing happened. I was writing a paragraph explaining the story of Pollyanna. That’s when I got an email notification. My calendaring app notified me a new client scheduled a free Positively Focused 1:1.

I clicked over to the email and, what do you know! The new client’s name was…wait for it…Pollyanna!

What’s interesting about this person is how much of a natural she is to the practice. Like everyone, life caused her to conclude in ways unhelpful for living a Charmed Life. But the fact that she’s found her way to this practice was no coincidence. She’s taking to it quite quickly, which is something I like seeing in clients.

Such rapid resonance with the practice foretells promise. A promise that results such clients will produce, will create ripples of goodness through their lives and the world at large.

It’s no surprise then that one client’s ripples include her daughter and now her son becoming a client. And another client’s best friend becoming a client, then her husband too.

Finding something different

The fact that Pollyanna came to me perfectly timed as I wrote that paragraph doesn’t escape me. Seriously, how many “Pollyannas” are out there? I see this as a spectacular indication of my own alignment. That and all the other wonderful things happening in my life.

I love it when life reveals to me things proving how fun and easy life is. Life can be this way for everyone. In fact, it IS this way for everyone. If we’re not experiencing that, it’s only because we’ve overlaid bogus beliefs on what’s really happening.

It’s not that those beliefs aren’t “true”. All beliefs, believed long enough will produce realities consistent with them. But the question is: is that truth something you want?

If the answer is “no, I want something different” then I can help with that.

Our Charmed Life is continually unfolding. I love seeing my clients discovering this, then aligning their life experience to that. Maybe you’re ready to do the same?

What Happens In What People Call “Dreams”

Photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash

TLDR: While most people dismiss or forget dreams, they are actually more than just subconscious meanderings. They are creations of alternate realities we explore actively when asleep. Influenced by momentum and belief, practice can enhance dream recall. The recent experiences of the author validate Seth’s multidimensional theory of dreams intersecting with waking life, suggesting an intertwined relationship between various states of consciousness and reality.

When the body sleeps, we do not. What we’re doing when the body sleeps escapes most people. That’s because a lot of people disregard it. They ignore what people call “dreams”. So much so, some people don’t even think they dream!

But everyone dreams. Every THING dreams. That becomes evident when we explore what’s happening when the body sleeps.

We’re not “dreaming”. Instead, we’re creating realities. And we’re participating in those realities with intense focus.

A lot more happens when the body sleeps than just that though. What’s happening is ultra sophisticated. So many things happen while we’re “out there”, writing about them all would take too much space.

Instead, I want to focus on one aspect of what’s happening in that conscious, aware state people call dreaming. I want to focus on it because a recent experience gave a perfect example which confirmed what you’re about to read.

Let’s take a look at it.

Everyone dreams, but some forget they do

By the way, anyone can confirm for themselves all of what I’m sharing here. It takes a while though. That’s because momentum and belief affect our conscious awareness of what’s happening when the body sleeps just as much as they do when the body is awake. So momentum behind the belief “I don’t dream” makes it impossible to remember what’s happening. “I don’t remember my dreams” does the same thing.

With practice though, remembering what’s happening gets easier and easier.

It helps too to give up calling the experience “dreaming”. “Dreaming” is ladened with too much baggage. Baggage discouraging accurate recall of our participation in that state of consciousness.

Nearly all my advanced clients claim, initially, that they never dream. Or they claim they don’t remember their dreams. Then, with a little encouragement and the right suggestions, the world they explore while the body sleeps springs into their conscious awareness. It becomes more vivid. It becomes more thrilling. Sometimes terror-filled experiences greet them. But that’s because their dominant vibrational momentum is negative.

Once that clears away though, that vast, seemingly magical world becomes more and more clear. Then clients start waking from sleep in joy, wonder and fascination.

So if you don’t think you dream, or you can’t remember them, that’s easily fixed. If you don’t believe what you’re about to read, I suggest you prove it to yourself. How? By becoming more aware that you, too, are enjoying vivid experiences when your body lays in bed.

Dreams offer so much richness…if we know how to recall and retain them. (Photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash)

All dimensions dance within each other

Seth, a key component of my vibrational lineage, has said the world making up what people call dreams is multidimensional. Each of those dimensions, he says, overlaps and influences all the others. The same goes for waking reality. Waking reality is influenced by those dimensions too. And waking reality influences them. This vast interaction happens in real time. And every point of consciousness gets in on the act.

“Every point of consciousness” includes you and me. When we’re awake, we’re influencing all those other dimensions, in other words. When our bodies sleep, we participate more actively. Our consciousness directs us into that awareness almost completely, which explains why, when we’re “there”, we have no awareness of waking reality where our bodies lie in bed.

All this sounds theoretical. Like a hypothesis scientists make, then try to prove or disprove in science. But this is not theory, nor science. This is exactly what is happening when we sleep. A recent experience while asleep proved this to me through an extremely clear example.

Here’s what happened:

A multi-layered “dream” experience

I was participating in World War II. It was an alternate-reality version of World War II, not the earthly version. I knew this because the landscape and the people “felt” different than people feel in our collective waking reality. The machinery also looked slightly different than it does here.

In this plane, I was a mechanic working on a 20mm cannon of what looked like a German fighter plane. My job was to use a big piece of cloth to push through the bore of the canon in order to clean it free of carbon. I did that over and over, until the cloth came out clean.

Then I was a wounded soldier. Vultures were picking at my body, but I was ambulatory. I walked among other wounded humans, both civilian and military. We all mingled around what looked like a little pool of water or fountain. The rest of the town was in ruins having apparently been bombed to smithereens.

Then I was part of the resistance. I was working with two women who were also part of the resistance. We were sitting in a small home, thinking and talking about our strategies. Another woman came in, someone who knew what we were doing. She claimed to have caught us in the act of espionage or treason. I don’t remember what side we were supposedly acting treasonous towards. She took one woman away. The other woman remained with me and we talked about what we were going to do next. We didn’t fear for our lives or for the woman who got taken away.

Then I suddenly found myself in a totally different reality. There, I walked through the lobby of a luxurious condominium tower. It was very similar in atmosphere to a Ritz Carlton. I walked through this elevator/escalator thing. Then went through the entryway and entered my unit. It was very futuristic inside. It had dark wooden walls and recessed push buttons to control certain features of the unit.

When I walked in, my “partner” was sitting on a built-in couch in front of a large entertainment screen. Her back was turned to me and I saw her black, straight hair in silhouette against the screen’s glare. I turned right, and walked into the “dining area”. There, sat two beautifully dressed people — a man, and a woman. That’s when I noticed I was impeccably dressed also. I wore an extremely well-tailored suit and a white, open-collared shirt.

The man got up from the dining table and introduced himself. I introduced myself also. We knew each other already because I recognized him from the World War II dreams. The woman remained seated and was eating what looked like some sort of sandwich made of hamburger buns. She didn’t eat the buns themselves, but instead ate whatever was in the middle of them. She looked at me, said hi, and offered the buns to me. At first I declined, but then decided I wanted to eat them.

At that moment, the three of us reminisced together about both World War II experiences. We all had played a role in the unfolding of those experiences. The feeling of our reminiscence was “mission accomplished” or that the purpose of the experience was fulfilled. It was then that I recognized that that was an alternate dimension that we all had put ourselves in and THIS dimension that we were now in was yet another dimension that we were participating in!

A trippy experience for sure

What’s interesting here is, in that second “dream”, I was highly surprised. I was surprised both because I knew I was “dreaming” and, I also knew that the dream I currently was in, was connected somehow to the dream I had dreamed just before. It also surprised me that the three of us had traveled or somehow had been in that other dream and now we were here. Here, apparently, in my futuristic luxury apartment!

Just as Seth described, I was participating in multiple experiences in this nonphysical reality, all happening at the same time, along with others who were participating too! That “Mission Accomplished” feeling confirmed what Seth says about “influence”: apparently, whatever we were doing in that other dream “worked”.

I felt this ah-ha experience while still “dreaming”! Then, when I woke, back in my apartment here in physical reality, I continued feeling this sense of astonishment. Life proved to me exactly what Seth described!

My experiences while my body sleeps continue offering so many awe-inspiring moments. The more vivid those moments get and the better retention I have of them, the more rich my life gets. That enrichment, of course, spills over into this waking reality too.

We come into this reality and, not long after, kind of sink into a numbness about it. The experience loses its luster. We think “is this all there is?” But this life can be as ongoingly rich and awe-inspiring as the dream state. Underneath our numb feelings lies that Charmed Life I write about. Where everything we want to know can be known. And everything we want to experience can be. All that’s required is altering our ability to perceive. That happens best though being Positively Focused.

The False Truth The Bible Makes Christians Believe

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

TLDR: The story looks at how the film “1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture” reveals that a mistranslation in the Bible to include “homosexual” has deeply affected LGBTQ perception within Christianity. This error, from a 1946 translation team, has fueled generations of discrimination, despite evidence challenging its legitimacy. This story also looks at the intersection of faith, belief, and the potentially transformative power of reexamined truths.

Some Christians will dispute this, but the Bible itself seems clear on the issue: God hates gays. At least that’s what Christian evangelicals will tell us. As does the Bible. I mean, it’s clearly stated many, many times throughout the “good book”.

But does god really hate gays? Or is something else afoot, like human error?

I’ve always seen the Bible as something other than the word of god. It can’t be the word of god because god didn’t write the Bible. No matter how a theologian will try explaining it, god did not pen the Bible. Man did.

This post is about a new documentary I watched. It’s called 1946The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture. The film takes on one of the biggest bombshells Christianity dropped on humanity and the massive destruction that bomb created.

Well, not really “Christianity”. It was “some Christians” who dropped it. The problem is, what they dropped shaped the world we see today. One where a lot of Christians don’t act very Christian. One where a lotta Christians persecute LGBTQ people, believing they’re doing “god’s work”.

Let’s dive in.

The original intent was pure

The film is great. It offers extremely compelling evidence supporting its contention. Its contention is the white, presumably straight, men who translated the most popular versions of the Bible got it wrong when translating two critical terms. While translating the Bible from Greek to English, they conflated those two terms to mean “homosexual”. Then, publishers used that conflation to fill the entire Bible with the word “homosexual”, thus creating the weaponized version many evangelical lay persons and their leaders use to condemn LGBTQ people today.

The difference that conflation created sent human civilization on a totally different trajectory than if that translation error never happened.

Not only does the film offer proof, it offers proof that’s extremely compelling. Turns out 20 white men in 1946 were translating the Bible from Greek. I believe all these men were theologians. It’s clear from factual examination of these men’s own notes that their intentions were pure. After the conflation happened, however, another man saw the group’s translation. This other man happened to also be a theologian.

But something else about this guy made him the perfect person to get involved: he also was gay. And he also was a pastor.

This person wrote a letter to the group. He urged them to reconsider the conflation. What’s amazing, given today’s Christian perspective on gays, is the group’s leader was super interested in this guy’s opinion. The two exchanged extremely cordial letters about the conflation. In the end, the group leader agreed with the gay pastor: the translation was wrong.

A question that can change the world. From the film’s website.

Sacrosanct words meet politics

However, our process-driven society amplified the problem. Some years would pass before revised translations could get published. In those years, publishers published two other versions of the Bible. Those versions contained the mistranslation.

Then Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell popularized those translations. Right about this time, Ronald Reagan became president. Politics and Christian values birthed the Religious Right. And that was all she wrote.

Needing a foil to keep Christians agitated and engaged, the Politicized Religious Right focused on gays as “the enemy”. Right around this time AIDS happened. AIDS was the perfect example of homosexual depravity. The Religious Right claimed AIDS was divine retribution for homosexual sin. Momentum took over from there.

This explains why, today, the Bible contains the word “homosexual”. Accurately translating those two words would put the Bible in a completely different standing on gay people. Proof the documentary offers attesting to this is undeniable. Unless you believe the Bible is the word of god.

And yet, many Christians will not consider this proof. Even though it comes directly from the men who did the translations. Again, many Christians believe the book is the word of god. It is therefore infallible. They don’t consider these words the words of man, translations prone to error.

The power of belief and momentum

The film maker’s family shows how powerful belief in the book as the word of god can be. The film maker is lesbian. Her father is an evangelical pastor. He swears the Bible is the word of god. As such, he believes what the Bible says about homosexuals. Even when presented with proof documentarians found, he’s unwilling to budge. It’s the word of god, he says. End of story.

Not only does this pastor’s example show how powerful Christian belief is, even when it’s based on distortion, it also shows how powerful beliefs in general are. Beliefs and momentum literally create our realities. So many Christians believe like this pastor does. Other pastors believe this too. And they pass that belief on to their flock, using oratory fire and brimstone, thereby creating even more fervent believers.

And so generations have believed this false truth as truth. Generations of congregations and generations of Christian leaders too.

Even some gay Christians find themselves believing. They can’t reconcile who they know themselves to be with what their religion tells them. Indeed a central figure in the film is another theologian. Like the pastor who challenges the conflation, this central figure is gay. At one point, inner conflicts drove him to nearly kill himself. In the film he says his life is significantly diminished compared to what it could be had the Bible not been translated the way it was. He claims the Bible destroyed his ability to form intimate bonds with people.

Our beliefs matter. They literally shape reality. Some literally shape society and culture. They are not trifling matters. Decades have passed with many tragedies happening because of this one translation error. A translation error picked up and weaponized by fanatical politicians as well as religious fanatics.

There’s hope

And yet, this documentary can potentially alter our future. I’m holding space for it to reach those who can do something about this egregious sin perpetrated by so many who have come before us. So many claiming to be Christian.

I also hold space for people to watch the film. Some of it is hard to watch. Especially interactions between the film maker and her father. I know after his transition, he’s going to be shocked when he discovers how wrong he was.

And yet, I must offer both the father and the film maker kudos. Despite this enormous difference between them, they maintain a relationship. One seemingly based on love and….tolerance of one another….if not outright acceptance. That’s not something I could do.

I prefer a life where life is peaceful and joyful. People with gross distortions, such as the film maker’s father, don’t appear in my life.

I like it that way.

Whether you’re Christian or gay or otherwise, watch this film. It’s powerful.

How Small, Happy Manifestations Lead to Big, Better Ones

TLDR: The post discusses “castles and buttons,” terms for big and small manifestations, suggesting that acknowledging small ones (buttons) prepares us for larger ones (castles). The author shares a personal experience with medication as a “button” manifestation, reinforcing their ability to create desired reality and anticipate more significant successes.

Sometimes my creations are delightful. Sometimes they’re surprising. And sometimes they come in ways that just confirm that I’m a creator.

Most of my creations are “buttons”. “Castles and buttons” is a categorization of manifestation Abraham coined long ago. “Castles” are “big manifestations”; things people really desire. “Buttons” on the other hand, are smaller manifestations, things that happen, usually without people noticing them.

The manifestation I’m writing about in this post is a button. But that doesn’t make it any less special. Indeed, it’s quite noteworthy. That’s because noticing it having happened primes my sensitivity to real-izing other, significant manifestations. In other words, when I regularly recognize buttons happening, I’m preparing my reality to allow in my castles.

Let’s take a look at what happened. But first, let’s talk just a bit more about castles and buttons.

Mastering creation

Abraham’s statement rings true: “It’s as easy to create a castle as it is a button.” The trouble for most people is, “castles” come ladened with a lot of resistance. In other words, people want them so bad, their focus on wanting them, focuses them on “not having” them. So castles SEEM to take a long time to manifest. They also seem harder to manifest.

They seem to be harder because people must weed through their resistant focus and thoughts. We can’t create around existing beliefs. Both Seth and Abraham affirm this. And if people don’t know what they’re doing as a creator, existing beliefs often represent what most delays castles from manifesting.

Buttons, on the other hand, aren’t so ladened. They happen easier because we tend not to think about them much. Just like real life buttons – on our shirts and blouses and other things – buttons are more numerous too. There are more buttons on the planet than castles, in other words. That makes sense, right?

That buttons are so numerous makes them powerful manifestational tools. Armed with the knowledge expressed in what you’re reading, a person can use buttons to make manifesting castles feel easier.

We can practice on them. We can become better creators using them. And, since there are so many, we have a lot of opportunity to practice. In that practice, while we learn our skills, that practice also has the effect of soothing resistance. Resistance holding our castles at bay. It also firms up our belief in this whole “you create your reality” business.

So there are a lot of good reason to appreciate “little things” we manifest. They may be little, but they offer impressive opportunities to master creation.

Abraham has said this over and over…

An opportunity shows in medicine

The button I’m writing about today involves care I get from the Veteran’s Administration (VA). I take a pill each day. It contains a drug that turns off some of the acid pumps in my stomach. Apparently my stomach produces too much. So I get acid moving into my esophagus, which scars that part of my body. That makes it hard to swallow sometimes.

Since taking this medicine, however, I don’t experience that trouble. Now it’s not escaping me that perhaps I could use my practice to alter that physical condition. I am doing so. But I recognize physical symptoms like these, once they become physical, have a lot of momentum behind them. So soothing them into non-existence takes some effort.

Yes, we could call “curing” medical conditions “castles”. I won’t go into this deeply, but there is a LOT of momentum behind manifested medical conditions. The entire medical world is in on their creation. So is science. So is our education. As is our collective agreement that such things exist and are scary. Being able to sooth a medical condition back into non-existence, therefore, is quite a feat. Not impossible, but it does take focus.

I’m practicing doing that. In the meantime, I’m using this mediation for relief.

Late last year my prescription was getting low. I got a refill in the mail, but the pills looked different than the ones I originally had. They were larger as this photo shows:

The smaller, old pill on the right. The new one, on the left.

Button manifestation!

I wrote my doctor to ensure it was the same dose. He assured me it was. He said the new pill was within tolerances stipulated by government bid.

So I gave it no other thought. I mixed my old, smaller pills with the new ones. But the moment I took one of the newer, larger pills, I realized something else was up. They had an acrid taste. The capsule material wasn’t the same as the previous pills. At first I thought about writing my doctor again and complaining. Then I had another idea: this was a “button” opportunity. One where I could practice manifesting something other than these bad-tasting pills.

By the end of the year I noted that my prescription had expired. In the ensuing two months or so, I took the new pills. I did my best to ignore their acrid taste. Instead, I focused on how much I appreciated the smaller, normal tasting pills more. Since I take the medicine every day, I had a daily opportunity to practice. So that’s what I did.

In January, I was getting low on pills. So I wrote my doctor and asked if he would write me a new prescription, which he did. I didn’t give any thought at all about whether the new pills would be the larger, new ones, or the smaller old ones.

Two weeks or so later, the new pills arrived. And…you guessed it: the bottle contained the smaller pills!

A nice little addendum

What’s interesting about all this is when I got the new pills and noticed they were the ones I wanted, I immediately poured the old ones into the garbage. But then I realized this was a manifestation I could write a story about, so I went back to dig the pills out of the garbage.

Well, my Broader Perspective must have known I’d decide to write a blog, because the garbage was arranged in the pail in such a way that when I poured the pills into the pail they all fell into this plastic lid I threw in there days ago! So I didn’t need to fish them out one-by-one! I could get them all out just by pulling out that lid. How cool is that?

The pills right where I poured them.

The Universe is always on it. It is always delivering experiences that delight us. Experiences large and small. And experiences on top of experiences. Just like this. I’m positive the same thing happens to you all day, every day. It’s always happening for everyone. The question is: do we notice?

I’m glad I do. Because through noticing them, I amplify my ability to see them more often, which turns my life into the Charmed Life I write about here.

Getting better at getting better

This was a wonderful example of creating my reality. A reality representing a new dimension where I’m aligned with pills I wanted rather than those I didn’t want. And it was so easy!

We are literally surrounded by alternate dimensions. An infinite number of dimensions are constantly created by us from within the Moment of Becoming. Which one becomes our actual reality depends solely on our vibration. And our vibration is what we are. So we can adjust our vibration (who we’re being) and in that moment, align with a new dimension.

That’s how we create reality. It’s not like these dimensions don’t already exist. They do. We just align ourselves with ones reflecting back to us the state we emanate.

I like knowing that. I also like knowing the “castles and buttons” concept. I’ve gotten really good at manifesting buttons. I write about these all the time in this blog. I write about my castles too. Which is why my life is increasingly improving, including my financial abundance and work-life balance. I’m also feeling better and better as days go by. What a wonderful life!

As a result, I look forward to my other castles coming into my experience as well. They really are foregone conclusions. The fact that I see all this manifestation happening in my life tells me that. So I rest in a steady knowing they are happening, instead of a hoping, wishing or even believing they are happening.

I love knowing they are happening. It’s a state I’m helping my clients realize in their lives as well. You can get there too. You don’t need my help. But if you’d like it, I’m around.