When Universal Results Show Me How Fun Life Is

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So this experience fills me with joy. It’s doing that because of all the really astounding things the Universe delivered, all in just one experience. As a result, I’m reveling in how real all this “you create your reality” business is. And, my clients’ experiences mirror my own. Meaning, I’m getting confirmation of my own practice through seeing my clients produce their own, similar results.

There’s so much to tell in just this one story. I want to jump right in. But first I want to caveat this story by writing this: everyone can create these kinds of experiences. In fact, they already happen in all our lives.

But if we’re not tuned into them, they don’t look like they’re happening. They are though. I want everyone to consciously experience these things, because I’m getting so much joy from them happening, I want everyone to share in the fun. My clients already are, as you know, if you read this blog frequently.

Ok, let’s dive into this wonderful unfolding!

The Road of Bones

Early last year, I went to my dentist. They’ve been my go-to clinic for years now. Recently, however, key people there moved on, much to my disappointment. I really enjoyed them, including the Hygienist, with whom I enjoyed playful banter.

Staff turnover included a new dentist, I’ll call Robert. Now, I think Robert was on the spectrum. I think that because he didn’t show much empathy and warmth upon entering my exam room, after the new Hygenist cleaned my teeth. Speaking of the Hygenist, that person, who happened to be an Eastern European, cleaned my teeth like she was building the Road of Bones. She took no prisoners and harbored no sympathy for pain while cleaning my teeth. So much so that when I jerked at her torturous cleaning method, I expected to hear her call me a “baby.”

“Stop being baby,” I could hear her say in her thick slavic accent. She didn’t actually say that or have an accent. But the look she gave me…

I digress, however.

So when Robert came into the exam room, I already was not feeling very happy about things. And that told me something was in the works. If I wanted what I wanted – a pleasing dental experience – I would need to align to that. So that’s what I planned to do.

Robert laid down Dental Law. He demanded that I get fitted for a mouth guard and that I get one filling replaced. He and “Olga” (the Hygenist, not her real name) put that in my record. I didn’t feel like I had an option. Nor did I feel it was even my teeth! They just did what they did!

A stellar review….

When I got home, teeth cleaned and throbbing, I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like being treated like chopped liver while Olga and Robert decided for me what would happen with my teeth. So I called to make another appointment. I told Alma, the receptionist what happened and that I wanted to talk in-depth to Robert about his edicts. I also told Alma I didn’t want Olga and her instruments anywhere near my mouth. Alma scheduled my next appointment on Olga’s day off.

At the consult appointment, Robert explained in detail why he made his decisions. He didn’t apologize for his poor bedside manner, but his rationale made sense. But I wasn’t about to pay $400 plus for a mouth guard. The filling replacement was comparatively cheap. So I agreed to that.

In the meantime, I used my powers of creation to attract an alternative to that Rolls Royce mouth guard. Fascinatingly enough, weeks later, I came across an excellent alternative: Pro Teeth Guard. A California-based lab, Pro Teeth Guard is the same lab dentists send their patient’s measurements to have mouth guards made. Pro Teeth Guard has a process allowing patients to “go to the Source” and have guards made – get this – for a fraction of the cost dentists charge.

Obviously, that’s what I did. And I must say, that guard is great! So great I made a video testimonial for Pro Teeth Guard:

My testimonial for the guard I manifested, the one I saved a lot of money on!

A savant in my mouth…

Meanwhile, I went to my next appointment for that filling replacement. Robert may have bad bedside manner, but when it comes to technical aspects of being a dentist, may I just say, he’s a savant!

He and the Hygenist (not Olga) worked together like one mind. It was beautiful to watch and definitely a joy to experience. NO PAIN at all registered. And when Robert stuck me with the needle to slide nerve-deadening novocain into my gums, I didn’t feel a thing either!

The whole process was done in minutes. That shocked me. So did the painlessness of it all as well as how efficient the two were in their movements and timings moving in and out of my mouth. It was a work of Performance Art. Performance Art that had the side benefit of fixing my tooth! Wundebah!

I was so impressed with that experience, I wrote a stellar review about it. I want to include a link, but doing so would reveal the dentist’s real name, which I don’t want to do because…well, you’ll read why in a moment.

Suffice it to say I was extremely positive about Robert and his abilities. I could do with his shitty bedside manner if he’s going to be so adept at his profession.

Little did I know coming into non-resistance about his bedside manner would produce such an amazingly satisfying unfolding. That’s what happened next.

Thank goodness it wasn’t this serious! (Photo by Quang Tri NGUYEN on Unsplash)

A nice surprise

My next appointment was six months later. That’s standard. What unfolded was not though. A winter storm stormed through Portland which bursted water pipes a my dentist’s facility. Water flooded the whole place, which forced the business to move to a temporary spot.

That was the beginning of the unfolding: that spot was closer to where I live. Bonus!

I sat in the waiting room until a guy called my name. Turns out Ross, my new Hygenist, was a guy! He was the first male Hygenist I’ve ever had in my whole life. On the way to the exam room, I mentioned this. I expressed appreciation for experiencing diversity in this way. Ross mentioned once being a traveling Hygenist. He said he settled into this permanent position solely because of the dentist who worked here.

I thought he meant Robert, but I was in for a nice surprise.

Ross told me that the clinic owner let Robert go because many patients complained about his really bad bedside manner. “His technical skills were excellent,” Ross said. “I’ve looked at images of his work. He was skilled. But patients didn’t like how he treated them.”

Interesting. So through other people complaining about Robert, I didn’t have to complain. The Universe conspired to create this lovely surprise…on top of a surprise!

Ross and I have a lot in common. He’s exacting. He commutes by bicycle. And he enjoys the outdoors. And, unlike Olga, he’s super sensitive to patient needs. Ross understood my pain threshold, but, he urged me to “go along” with feeling a little pain because, he said, his job was to clean my teeth. That, he said, was the priority. Still, he assured me he would go easy on the pain.

A piece of cake! (Photo by Caroline LM on Unsplash)

An excellent visit gets better

Easy on the pain!? I didn’t feel a thing through most of the session! He masterfully moved around my molars and other teeth grinding away at the buildup. By the time he finished, I felt in good hands.

While cleaning my teeth, Ross extolled the virtues of Dr. Ramirez, the dentist who filled in behind Robert. By the time Ross finished his part of my visit, I was eager to meet the Doc.

When he arrived, I was once again delighted. I’m pretty sure the Doc is queer. Being queer myself, I have really good gaydar. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t. Whether he was or not, the three of us had a great time sharing on a variety of topics before the Doc gave me excellent guidance on how to keep my teeth healthy going forward.

It was such an excellent dentist visit. Certainly the best of my life. And, I thought the visit was going to be around $475. Instead, it was a little over a quarter of that cost. Bonus! I left the dentist office feeling better than I ever have leaving the dentist.

So what happened here? What happened was, I experienced what I didn’t want: an insensitive Hygenist, and a skilled dentist with poor bedside manner. Then I looked for things I could appreciate about the situation and lined up with those. I became Positively Focused in other words. Then the Universe took care to create a situation flowing over with an abundance of what I wanted.

A perfect manifestation!

Tune into delightful unfolding

Realizing I got everything I wanted, and some things I didn’t know I wanted, without having to do anything thrilled me. Writing about it now thrills me even more. It’s so cool seeing the Universe line up outcomes – manifestations that surprise and delight me. Incidents like these bolster my knowing that I am at the center of All That Is.

But I’m not the only one there. The paradox of All That Is is that all of us exist at the center of that. And when we align ourselves to that reality, we discover our lives unfold with ease. They unfold with ease while we continually discover all that we want happens with perfect timing, under perfect circumstances. This always happens. But if we’re not tuned into the happening, we don’t see it. It literally eludes us.

Want to get tuned in? Let’s talk. I love helping people discover how powerful they are as creators of their own reality!

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