Why Humanity Will Never Destroy Itself

Photo by Wylly Suhendra on Unsplash

It’s amazing humanity hasn’t killed itself off. Or is it?

I know humanity will never destroy itself. That’s because there’s no way for it to do so. Too many points of consciousnesses support humanity. Meanwhile everything on the planet also flows positive energy into everything else here. In other words, supportive, positive energy bathes us all. It’s so strong, nothing can counter it.

Furthermore, positivity is energy’s basic nature. Yes, energy too is alive. Every speck of matter vibrates with energy. That energy enjoys consciousness, intelligence, and awareness. That intelligence focuses itself into a massive gestalt that is All That Is.

So All That Is is positively predisposed. A Positively Focused practice “tunes” a human consciousness to that positive predisposition. Consistently focused, that human consciousness experiences the same positive predisposition in its life. It leverages the power of that massive gestalt, in other words. That gestalt’s momentum represents tremendous power.

Negative energy is empty energy

All this explains why humanity can’t end. What people call “evil” or “bad” has no inherent reality on its own. Evil, exists, that’s for sure. But the absence of this positive energy referred to above gives “life” to evil. Because of that, evil cannot amass enough momentum to overwhelm positive momentum. Evil is a dead end. Positivity always prevails.

We’ve seen this in every case. All our world wars ended. Enough nukes exists to end humanity many times over. Yet, they’ve only been used once. Coups happen all over. Yet, those nations with the greatest positive momentum, prevail despite such attempts.

That’s because people bent on hate, rage and insecurity align themselves with this “absence of positive energy”. In absence, leverage doesn’t exist, only association. This explains why evil doers often act alone. Or they assemble groups of weak, ineffective people. Groups which, eventually, positive forces overpower.

The weak can’t overpower the power of alignment to All That Is because All That Is is Positively Focused, as Abraham here asserts.

Democracy is positive

Democracy is the furthest forward manifestation of positivity as far as society goes. It enjoys tremendous positive momentum. Free markets too. Both systems have problems. But they still possess great positive leverage, which is why they endure.

For this reason, people who try overthrowing established democracies such as Germany or the United States will not succeed. They can’t amass enough momentum. They can’t because there’s no momentum in the absence of positive orientation. What those of negative intent think is momentum is really just association: They attract people of similar vibrational focus. All of whom are energetically weak.

All this means far more conscious focus maintains humanity than focus trying to destroy it.

For all these reasons and more, I remain unconcerned about humanity’s future. Humanity is here to stay. That’s a good thing.

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