What is enlightenment, and why should someone try to achieve it?

I’ve added yet another running series “Q/A” to my blog. It’s…well…about answering questions I get through the internets and sharing those answers with others as they may help others feel inspired and more connected to the God they are.

What is enlightenment, and why should someone try to achieve it?

Someone shouldn’t try to achieve it.

Enlightenment, contrary to what many think, is not something one “achieves”. It is what one is underneath beliefs masking that state. One doesn’t “achieve” eternal life, one is already eternal. One doesn’t “achieve” being human. One already is human. One doesn’t “try to achieve” enlightenment, one already is.

Enlightenment, by the way is not a steady state. It’s not something that, once achieved, remains in place, like a college degree. You don’t get it and keep it. Enlightenment awareness is constantly expanding because the essence of being constantly expands, just like everything in All That Is.

So once a person reveals to herself her enlightened state in one moment, the next moment she may “lose” it as old beliefs masking the state, reassert themselves.

In a separate example, an enlightened state may happen in one moment, then the person sees something they want, realizes they don’t have it (yet) and in that realization obscures their enlightened state through focused desire for that thing they want.

That is NOT to say desire is bad. The process of birthed desire moving to fulfilled desire is the process by with All That Is becomes more. So desires are extremely good. Losing touch with one’s enlightened state from time to time serves in the same way. But it is possible to be in a state of perpetual enlightenment – I know, this sounds contradictory – where one realizes, while at the same time standing within an unfulfilled desire, their enlightened state.

The enlightened state is nothing extraordinary. It is clarity, awareness and the presence in one’s knowing that one is eternal, invincible and creator of their reality, ongoingly, including ALL their realities, not just this physical one. There is more to it, but this is the basic nature.

It’s worth living from that place. But it’s not something one “achieves”.

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