Waking, Choosing, Being The Positive Path

I like choosing 

I like choosing what I’m going to focus on instead of letting what is choose it for me

I like that

I like how that felt coming up with that thought

Choosing what to focus on instead of letting what is choose it for me 

It feels good deliberately choosing

It feels good feeling how good it feels when I choose what I’m going to focus on especially when I choose good feeling things to focus on

I like choosing

This feels good choosing to think about

I like subjects that feel good

I like knowing I’m on my path

I really like knowing this when things appear to not be working out

I really like choosing to know it’s going right when it feels like it’s going wrong

I like knowing that

I like knowing that negative emotion is a positive thing

I appreciate what I feel

I can choose anything that feels better to think about and in time feel better

I know when I do that I’m on my path

I know I’ve done that by how good I feel

I’m feeling good now

I like doing this especially in the morning

I’m ready for today

Today is ready for me

It’s going to be a good day

It already is

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