Ready? Let’s Go!

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I appreciate where I am

I appreciate what I’m being

I love what I ongoingly discover

I love what’s happening

I love what’s happened

I love feeling calm indicating my connection with All That Is

I love how secure, how stable it feels

I appreciate how grounded I am focused in my knowing

I love life experience

I love how it prompts gradual, expanding awareness

I appreciate resistance I put on my path

I know it’s part of the path and it is good

I like seeing feeling and being outside ordinary life experience

It felt weird before, nowI’m getting used to it

I love getting used to expansionary awareness

I love reveling in my expansionary awareness

It feels good feeling that

I love knowing what I know

I love knowing there always will be more to know ahead of me

I love being

I love my well being

I love knowing

I love All That Is

I love me.

2 Replies to “Ready? Let’s Go!”

  1. Love this. Would call this like daily affirmations? Anyway, I say most of these to myself in a daily basis. But not only to say it, but believe it deep down.
    Thank you for the words

    1. I love it too. I call it a Positively Focused rampage. Glad you say this daily. The more one gets in the habit of that, the more one’s reality must match those positive feelings such affirmations engender.

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