The Great Future Coming Through Our Anger And Fear

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There’s a great future just beyond our perception. And it’s coming through humanity’s anger, fear and insecurity. In fact, the more angry and insecure people get, the more power and impetus they add to the future coming.

But realizing that future requires some human beings turning their attention away from what’s making us angry and fearful. It doesn’t matter who and it really doesn’t matter if it’s a small group of people or just one. The more who do turn away from what angers or fears us, the more impetus grows.

Jesus talked about turning the other cheek. “Turn the other cheek” means literally turning our attention from what we don’t want, to what we want. Instead of looking at that thing we prefer not having and complaining about it, the phrase urges we stop looking at that and turn our attention to what we want.

Do that and in time we will have what we want instead of what we have now. It works for individuals and it works for civilizations.

Anger and fear keep us in place

Certainly the phrase “what you resist, persists” sounds familiar. Instead of turning the other cheek a lot of us keep what we don’t have by resisting it. And that’s why so much anger, fear and insecurity crowd public sentiment. In other words, a lot of people keep their cheeks turned towards things making them angry, afraid and insecure. So their future and our collective future, keeps turning into more of what we have: more that angers us and makes us afraid.

Someone amplifying and already amplified message. We can’t eliminate hunger until enough turn our cheek from hunger. In other words, people will discover a world without hunger when they look for that world, instead of focusing on the world where hunger exists.

While we all know what we’d prefer, we also, mostly, keep looking at what we don’t prefer. That’s why Republicans are so angry, so much so some revert to violence thinking that will solve their angst. It’s why many progressives stand in despair as conservatives gain greater control over the nation’s political levers.

But so long as both sides keep looking at and amplifying what they revile, they’ll keep getting more of that.

The way out is through

Meanwhile, the world containing more of what we want, exists. The road to that world, the way out, is not one we walk. We can’t drive it. Nor can we see it. The way out comes through mental action. The mental action is turning the other cheek.

“What resists, persists” works both ways. That means if we look at aspects in today’s world that we appreciate, in time, we’ll see more of that. And, in not too long, that world will emerge full-blown, right from the world in which we live.

That’s right. That world we want, the new world, doesn’t lie in the future. It lies right here in our current world. It’s the Charmed Life amplified across massive numbers of people. And it starts with just one who decides the Positively Focused life is preferable to the status quo.

The microcosm reflects the macrocosm

This explains why I write this blog. The more who adopt the Positively Focused Charmed Life, the closer we get to allowing that great future into our life experience. Again, it doesn’t take many. And the few who take it on receive ample rewards. After all, the Charmed Life includes getting everything one wants with little effort. My own life convinces me of this and so do my clients’ lives.

Readers may know the Universe is a fractal phenomena. Every aspect of the Universe is contained faithfully in every particle of the Universe. So when one person experiences consistently the Charmed Life, that experience must eventually become everyone’s experience.

But only those who want it.

That’s why no matter how great the future gets, there may be those who don’t experience it. We all benefit from absolute freedom after all. That includes freedom to choose lives of pain, anger and insecurity.

I want to experience Charmed Live experiences as often as possible. I want as many who want to experience that to experience it as well. Introducing people to the potential inspires this blog.

So will you create your own Charmed Life and in doing so help create the future we want? My experience says not better life exists. So I encourage you to do it. Then watch your world become a small version of the great future coming.

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