One More Thing To Create Your Best Life Ever

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In a previous post we wrote “If you stick to your guns, you will prevail.”

For some, this accurate.

But for many others…we’d say the majority of people…sticking to your guns is not enough.

That’s because people who want to be great, sometimes believe they aren’t.

You can’t be great if you don’t think you are.

So when we write: “…stick to your guns,…”, we’re referring to a mindset, not the action you’re taking.

Both action and mindset are crucial though. They work together.

But it’s easy for them to work against each other. And this is our point: For most people they do work against each other.

Take Perry for example.

· · ·

For decades he held many disempowering beliefs.

All beliefs like beliefs like themselves. So Perry’s early beliefs, spawned similar ones. Before long he had a collection of similarly disempowering beliefs.

We like to call this collection a belief constellation. They resemble billions of stars on a clear night. Like a constellation, they connect, forming a picture.

That picture is one’s reality.

Planisphæri_cœleste blog
Belief constellations resemble pictures painted in the sky by connecting stars. In the same way celestial patterns form objects, your beliefs form your reality. (Photo: Frederik de Wit)

Belief constellations are tightly woven. It’s hard to find the originating belief. One of Perry’s earliest disempowering beliefs, in this life time, for example, was “I’m an oddball and alone.”

Usually Perry was on his own. His parents were often aloof. His brothers were doing their own things. When the three brothers were together, the younger and older brothers often teased him.

It didn’t matter if it was playful, or malicious. Perry, a serious young boy, took these experiences as seriously as everything else, interpreting them to mean he was alone. And vulnerable. And insecure.

Life always reflects one’s mood through life experiences and situations. Not surprisingly, Perry found more and more “evidence” supporting his insecurity:

He got into a fight with a neighbor boy, which he lost. He was shot at by another young boy armed with a gun. A neighbor’s dog chased him up a tree. A nasty bike accident left him permanently scarred.

Then his parents divorced.

Of course, plenty life experiences reflected Perry’s invulnerability too.

But you can only see evidence for your predominant beliefs. Young Perry’s dominant belief was “I’m vulnerable”.

· · ·

The earlier in life a belief is formed, the more time it has to accumulate like beliefs. Over time, belief constellations become “the way life is”.

By then, most don’t have objective access to the beliefs. They don’t question the “what is”-ness of their interpretations which have hardened into beliefs.

They just believe life is this way.

Remember thought: while life reflects evidence consistent with that, it simultaneously contains evidence to the contrary.

That means, one’s life experience, no matter how dour, can change.

The problem is, humans (a) have a hard time accepting this. (b) They are unwilling to exert enough psychological persistence making change permanent. So, (c) they miss evidence confirming life has changed.


  1. One’s mindset created from interpreting experience, spawns more confirming experiences. (“mindset” is another word for “belief constellation”)
  2. The mindset recedes into the background becoming “the way life is”.
  3. One’s actions – their physical behavior, but also their thought behavior – shapes to their experiences.
  4. One acts consistent with their “in the background” beliefs.

If a person believes blacks are scary and sees a black person at a stop light crossing the street in front of her at night, of course she is going to lock her car doors.

gijs-coolen-714657-unsplash blog
Belief constellations are so powerful they create your reality and dictate your behavior. (Photo by Gijis Coolen)

The point of all this is, stick to your guns and live authentically. But be sure your beliefs match your authenticity. Beliefs that your authenticity is wrong, bad, or unworthy of expression, generate internal conflict.

That will show up in your life experience, making life “harder” than it needs to be.

· · ·

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Such life experiences are showing you your inner reality. That’s good.

You could say that’s what physical life is about. Life experience is dazzling. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the dazzle and forget you’re shaping your life experiences.

Every human comes standing in their invincibility. Until they accept others’ beliefs or get “educated”. Which is not all that educational.

In time, they forget the world responds to them. It’s not the other way around.

In losing their way, they pre-pave their return.

Return to what? To their invincibility.

Everyone returns eventually. The majority return after death. Witness what people regret at their death.

Some people (maybe you?) get it sooner. They end up being remarkable.

Their authenticity will not allow circumstances to dictate belief. They are here to change worlds. Not just this world, all worlds.

Fewer of these people are willing to compromise their authenticity these days. They have something to say. And they’re saying it.

Maybe you are one of these people.

· · ·

If you are, your life experience awaits your expression. No pressure though.

You may see these circumstances for what they are. Your perfect design. In this life.

Or maybe not.

The great news is, there are plenty of lifetimes. Between those lifetimes, you remind yourself what you really are. But you don’t have to die to remember. And you don’t need more than one life time to make your mark.

rhodi-alers-de-lopez-616304-unsplash blog
Death: a doorway through which you pass. Then you remember what you are. (Photo: Rhodi Alers)

So here is the best way to get at beliefs that may have receded into the “what is”-ness of your life: Don’t worry about old beliefs! Instead, create new empowering ones.

Of course they’re going to feel fake to you. All beliefs do at first.

But the nature of belief is the nature of belief. Meaning: hold that fake-feeling belief long enough. It will fade into your background and become “what is” for you. That belief also will accumulate like ones. A new belief constellation will be born.

Your life experience will reflect that constellation. Just like your old beliefs.

yoal-desurmont-712284-unsplash blog
The road ahead that is your life is being designed by you. What reality are you going to create for you and the world? (Photo: Yoal Desurmont)

At that point, you’ll begin believing what once was a fake belief.

The following example is helpful.

Five years ago, Perry met his now wife. As with all love, in the beginning, it was great.

The more time passed however, the more his wife began reflecting back to Perry his beliefs about being in relationships. Of course, Perry’s wife has her own belief constellation born of her own lifetime experiences.

Perry’s relationship gradually became a living hell for Perry. And for his wife. As marriages often do. That’s why so many end.

But Perry knows he is the common denominator in his life experience. No matter where he goes, he’s there, creating his experience via his beliefs. So Perry decided he had had enough.

He put this reality creation business to the test.

And so he began treating his wife differently.

As far as he was concerned, his wife had no responsibility for Perry’s life experience or their relationship. Not even responsibility for her own behavior!

There are a lot of details we’re skipping for brevity.

Life experience shapes to beliefs on an exponential curve. So at first, Perry didn’t notice much happening.

For the first three years.

He just had to accept something was happening. Even though he couldn’t see it. And indeed something was.

In the fourth year, his wife started changing. On her own, she began taking classes, then she began meditating. Then she began listening to uplifting speakers. Then she started reading books by those speakers.

Emboldened by these results, Perry doubled down on his commitment. And his wife became easier and easier to be with.

Their relationship changed too.

In fact, Perry’s wife had changed for the better so much, even her parents mentioned how lighter and happier she had become.

· · ·

You have more power than you may know. You can change other people’s behavior.

But you have to be persistent in the face of no apparent evidence.

So, here are the steps to making old beliefs irrelevant in your life.

First, start by allowing yourself to recognize things in your life that are contrary to beliefs you have. If you believe that life doesn’t shape to your beliefs, note how your life behaves exactly that way. By showing you a random-generated life experience that appears objectively separate from your beliefs.

Noted, deliberately take a moment and reflect on that. Write about it in your journal. Ponder the evidence your life has just shown you that matches your beliefs.

Then note when life doesn’t. Remember: life always does both. Maybe you’ll think about something happening –– your friend calling for example –– and your friend will call.

You’re wanting to realize that life is full of evidence for any belief.

Which it is.

Any life experience is available, bounded only by your beliefs.

Take your time. Allow many examples like this.

Then, write down a thought consistent with a belief you want to have. Start with something easy.

Say, for example, you want to be an actor, but you believe you’re not talented enough. Starting with the thought “I can be an actor” is going to create too much internal conflict.

avel-chuklanov-509630-unsplash blog
You can live your dream life. It’s never too late. You just have to synch your beliefs and your desire. (Photo: Avel Chuklanov)

Instead, you might create the thought “I really like acting”. That thought has nothing to do with becoming a successful actor.

But it’s in the potential belief constellation of being a successful actor. Pretty much all successful actors like acting.

Next, think that thought for a little while, a few minutes.  You’ll start feeling good while thinking it. You might start thinking thoughts similar to it.

You might think “I liked acting as a child”.

“I always wanted to be an actor”.

“Acting is so a part of who I am”.

At this point, you might feel happy thinking. Or encouraged. Or enthusiastic. Or empowered. When you get to that point, try to forget about the thought completely.

Then, over some period of time, you will be inspired to take action. To the best of your ability, follow every inspiration you get.

Talk to a stranger. Go to a movie. Enroll in an acting class….

When you take an action inspired in this way, you have begun the process that ends in life experiences inconsistent with your previous beliefs and consistent with your new ones.

When that happens, revel in it. Journal about it. Acknowledge it.

You are on the way to becoming the actor you’re wanting to be. While old beliefs are on their way to irrelevancy.

We come full circle to the original story that prompted this one.

For now you must stick to your guns, repeating this process. Do that and you create the unshakable mindset. And the life it accompanies.

What you want is what the world wants. Your authenticity. Give the world what it wants and you change it.

But first you must change.

How Your Radically Authentic Self Makes The World Better


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Photo: Isis Franca

Two Words: Colin Kaepernick

Like many before him, he is giving the mainstream world a thing or two to think about. And making it better in the process.

In case you don’t know, Kaepernick is the San Francisco 49ers quarterback who in 2016 began kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racism, social inequality and police brutality.

He left the 49ers to become a free agent. But the NFL believed him a pariah because, like many big institutions, they can’t handle the truth. Or more simply, they can’t handle losing money in the short term because the peanut gallery can’t handle the truth. And big institutions get rich by catering to the peanut gallery.

Nike was in a similar situation. According to anonymous sources quoted by this New York Times Article, Nike was considering ending their relationship with the controversial, non-playing football player.

Now, as you probably know, all that reversed.

The company is now charting record “brand engagement” as a result of getting behind Kaepernick’s cause, according to their CEO. Particularly among the urban demographic, a coveted target for the athletic brand.

But this story is about Kaepernick as an example to would-be iconoclasts.

Colin playboy spread blog

There is no value in you playing small and going along with the crowd.

There is every value in being your authentic self, no matter how much ire that authenticity will draw in the short term.

If you stick to your guns, you will prevail. And the world will be forever changed for the better as a result. You came to change the world in your own way great or small.

Going with the crowd is not world-changing.

For two years, Kaepernick withstood criticism from many institutions. Including the nation’s highest political office. Now his rise as a national civil rights icon with a massive brand backing him, is testament to what any human being willing to stand in their authenticity can do.

Individuals change the world. Not groups.

At this point, there is barely a limit on what is possible for the former quarterback. His platform has expanded dramatically. It is reported he now has a book deal, speaking tour and is developing a comedy series.

Kaepernick’s example isn’t the only one.

Shepard Fairey’s name should be no surprise. If it is, his artwork isn’t.

Now enjoying a huge artistic career, Shepard didn’t become famous over night. According to the documentary about his life and art, Shepard had a singular ambition: to express himself artistically.

As a young skateboarder and graffiti artist, he roamed the country posting stickers, posters and flyers on virtually anything and everything, before creating a poster for the Obama presidential campaign.

That poster made him famous.

Obama poster blog
The iconic Obama Poster

But what some don’t know is in the midst of all that election fame, Shepard was in the toughest year of his life. He was being sued by municipalities for his history as a graffiti artist. But what was even more scary was the Associated Press filed a massive lawsuit against the artist. A lawsuit that could bankrupt the artist, his family and end his career.

Just like Kaepernick however, Fairey stuck to his path, lived his authentic life creating beautiful and compelling critiques of political figures disguised as art. Even though, as he describes it, he weathered some of the greatest challenges during that entire time.

· · ·

You must not underestimate the value of your authentic expression.

The more radical the better. But you also must not underestimate the value negative attention brings to your cause.

If you allow your fears of rejection or “crucifixion” by the “mob” that is mainstream society or a subsection thereof to intimidate you, you are bound to give up your authentic voice in favor of….what?

Social acceptance? Money? Reputation? Is social acceptance, money and reputation really on par with the potential to change the world?

Besides, when you’ve done what you came to do, you will have all the acceptance, money and reputation you can handle. And then some.

You have an authentic voice. You came into the world equipped to make it a better place. That better place doesn’t happen when you’re going along with the mainstream.

It only happens when you speak your authenticity. The more radical the better.

Shepard-fairey-2011-westhollywood blog
If Shepard Fairey can do it….By Fuzheado – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Now we know a lot of people talk about “living authentically”. Rarely if ever do these people explain how to do that. We’re going to.


How to live your authentic life:

First, realize this process will not happen over night. But know that, no matter how old you are, or how little time in life you think you have, you have plenty of time to accomplish this. Perry is 54 years old and just getting started, for example.

No one is too old.

So you start by releasing the idea that time is a factor. Or age. Or any current situation. None of that has any relevance.

Second, you must screw on knowing that your voice is valid. We use the phrase “screw on” purposefully. Threads on a screw have great holding power. They will hold under great stress. Your knowing your voice is valid comes from within. It comes from your connection with the source of the “sound” of your voice.

The stronger your connection with that source, the more invincible you will feel. Silence, meditation, long walks in nature are great processes reconnecting you with your source. Do that regularly. We recommend this process for getting in tune with your source.

Third, reorganize your priorities. Your voice’s strength must be nurtured. That takes time. What gets you through the time it takes for your voice to be ready is how freaking great it feels being in touch with your authenticity. Again, this process is golden.

Perry quit his job at Intel to pursue his value-based priorities. We don’t recommend this. He has a supportive wife. You don’t have to quit your day job. But at least put it in perspective.

For example, in some places around the world, up to 50 percent of people work bullshit jobs. That means you’re probably doing something for money that represents a compromise, or perhaps many compromises, on your values. It’s time your values retake the priority high ground.

That’s because your voice lurks within your values.

Fourth, start doing some serious introspection. The best place Perry has found to reconnect with his voice is his childhood. He asked some time ago “what did I really want to be when I grew up?”

Look at what you liked to do as a child. What inspired you? What did you dream about? How did you see the world? The fantasy world of your childhood often holds within it your voice’s small timbre, waiting for you to crank the volume.

Another place to look: your reaction to the world around you. This is tricky though. If you’ve lived, even a little while, on the planet, you likely have taken on stories which cause knee-jerk emotional reactions that fill you will injustice, a sense of unfairness and moral outrage.

Those areas can be where your voice is lurking. But they could also be ingrained knee-jerk reactions you’ve taken on from society. These kinds of reactions tend to cut you off from your voice. So you have to be discerning as you observe how you react to the world around you.

Once you’ve found your voice, you need to practice delivering it. So get started expressing your voice to yourself at first. Not to others. We offer this for several reasons.

First, you’re not ready for the potential onslaught from the peanut gallery trying to kill your originality before it’s mature enough to survive such attacks. Second, you need time to figure out how best to express yourself. Is it with film? Poetry? Writing? News commentary? Podcasting? Walking across the United States? Interviewing homeless people?

There are endless numbers of ways to express yourself. Somewhere in there is your niche. You’ll find it if you dedicate time to discovering it.

Meanwhile, in the self-discovery, you’ll have fun. And, when you’re ready to tell the world, you’ll have an impressive amount of content ready-made to share. Not all of it will be brilliant, but it doesn’t have to be.

Photo by Francesco Mazzoli PERFECT PRACTICE (1)
Photo by Francesco Mazzoli

Next: Practice, practice practice.

Follow your impulses. Do things you think are crazy. Sure, quit your job if you really know that’s what you want to do. Just realize quitting your job isn’t required to find your voice, or express it. At least not at first.

Refine your voice, explore things. You’re on a wild goose chase for the co-inciding events and circumstances which delight you and thus indicate you’re on your path. Take all this as  the greatest adventure of your life and it will be that.

And if you keep at it, you will come to the same sense of steadiness, of invincibility we’re sure are embodied by two words, which actually are a name: Colin Kaepernick.



Reading That Inspires New Frontiers Is The Best Reading Of All

Greatest Frontier blog
Photo: Oldskool Photography

Why do you read?

For entertainment? Information? Fun?

Maybe self-improvement, self-analysis, or therapy impels your reading.

We read for different reasons. The most powerful reading is that which inspires you to more. The new. The not known before.

Same goes for watching and listening too.

Nothing beats the feeling of a well-orchestrated new bit of information. Particularly information which draws from you delight, surprise and –– most important –– new awareness. The experience can pack a wonderfully fulfilling punch.

There’s no value in regurgitation.

Abraham of the Abraham-Hicks celebrity duo asserts with accuracy that there is no value in a person putting attention on something that has been. Looking at “what is” –– aka daily reality –– is even worse if the “what is” you’re looking at is something you’d rather not see as part of your “what is.”

Don’t like that there is so much division in the US? Don’t like the ever-present cis–het-white-male-hegemony? Abraham’s suggestion: stop paying so much attention to those subjects in your life. Regurgitation, they say, is reading or watching something that makes you feel anger, frustration, rage, for example, then talking, blogging, complaining, or sharing on social media about it. They say humans are chronic in their regurgitation habit.

Because of it, they perpetuate and prolong situations and experiences that otherwise would disappear.

Humans are socially conditioned regurgitators. It’s upon which television makes most of its money. The internet too.

Your regurgitation is making people rich, while making you miserable.

While they are socially conditioned to, humans are not, by nature, regurgitators. By nature you are innovators. All life is. Humans take what is and expand upon it, thereby making something new. Sex is a wonderful example. That intimate creative act, produces something heretofore unknown in the universe –– a unique individual –– from the known –– two extant individuals.

alex-hockett-366365-unsplash blog
I’ve arrived!!! I am unique, I come through the extant! (Photo: Alex Hockett)

It’s the same with all life’s endeavors. Everything is derivative of everything else weaving a tapestry of artistic expression physically made real.

The best of everything else though, is that which hasn’t come before, yet spawns from the is-ness of what is.

The greatest frontier awaits your discovery

A fantastically vast undiscovered frontier exists in the act of turning off your devices. Instead of surfing social media, or the news, consider the deeply inspirational, awe-inspiring act of surfing your inner reality.

There is no better time than today to explore this world. Because the topsy-turvy world you live in owes itself to this inner reality.

Despite what science has to say about it, there is far more of interest “in there” behind your eyeballs than anything available in front of them. Including on the Internet.

Vast opportunity exists in this realm, where your eyes are useless and yet you’re able to see. In this no-place you find the origin of every place. Remain in the inquiry long enough and you might discover the extraordinary.


Because at the bottom of it all, the ruckus of the phenomenal world springs from your perception. An “I get it” born of directly experiencing the accuracy of the previous statement uncovers answers to all life’s problems.

That should come as no surprise because you are the common denominator of every single problem you face.

You can’t know this just from reading words. You know it when your life experience demonstrates it to you.

Perry’s* life experience demonstrates this near-constantly. For when you tap into this inner frontier, your life experience will verify the new perspectives you discover. Perry’s many demonstrations include disappearing a bully in elementary school, effortlessly achieving his childhood dreams of living in Japan and receiving his black belt in the Bujinkan, realizing his dream job at a major high-tech company, causing large sums of money to effortlessly show up in his life experience, and transforming his marriage into the perfection that it is. Perry’s life reflects for him (and his wife) tectonic shifts breaking into his physical reality to verify inner frontier explorations he began many years ago. But intensified over the last five or six.

And Perry is just getting started.

The penchant to ravenously consume digital information is your surrogate for what your you really wants you to do to your inner space. There are no limits to rewards realized from time invested exploring you, from the inside.

Your you already knows this.

And that’s why you and everyone else consumes so much digital information. It’s a mass-nail biting reflex to a latent awareness eager to be born within you. People bite their nails as an habitual reflex to something happening just below their conscious awareness. There are many habits among humans just like this.

Oh! The diversity!

jorge-saavedra-716354-unsplash blog
There is great diversity on your planet and more being born every moment. (Photo: Jorge Saavedra)

Physical life always reflects inner life, what we call non-physical life experience. All humans want to realize consistency between what they experience in the physical world, and what they are experiencing in the non-physical one. The consistency already exists. There is no deviation between what his happening in the physical world and what is happening in non-physical.

But to realize the consistency is another matter. Nearly all 7-plus billion humans are oblivious to this consistency, says Seth, Abraham and many other nonphysical “guides” focused here with you. This obliviousness is wholly responsible for human insecurity. Which is why so much insecurity exists. From the office of your president, all the way down to the houseless on the street.

Yes, every human who has resolved their obliviousness has found invincibility. Freedom from insecurity. Freedom from fear of death. And more.

No exceptions.


It only takes a moment to get the resolution underway

Within thirty days of the proper activity, you can receive a clear, no-bullshit indication that your non-physical life experience is where all the action is, and where all the action in front of your eyeballs comes from. From there, there’s no going back. Meaning: once you breach this frontier, you are bound to discover more and more revealing to you the limitless nature of your non-physical, perceptual awareness.

When that happens, life takes on a different timbre.

Life becomes what it has always been underneath the anxiety, stress and “hurry up” nature of what Seth calls the “assembly line time” of ordinary consciousness.

In this new awareness, life becomes the delightful, easy, pleasurable romp through time and space that you knew it would be before you chose to come into physical life as human.

And while this can happen in a flash of insight, it’s far more fun for it to happen gradually. That way you can savor every blink of the eye-opening that is awakening.

There is a vast perspective you miss out on when you’re exclusively focused on ordinary consciousness, using that to look out on ordinary life experience and regurgitating what is.

Broaden your perspective to include that life area you may currently believe to be pseudoscientific, or “woo”, and you’ll find yourself blown away by what life –– your life –– will show you.

The self-discovery alone is worth it.

But more than that is realizing your life experience is 100 percent your creation.

If that last statement is accurate –– and there is no evidence disputing that –– who wouldn’t want to find that out?

We think everyone would.


How to begin

It’s simple. But because you’ve practiced (through habit) not doing this, it will feel uncomfortable at first. Humans tend to call things hard, when what’s really happening is the thing they’re calling hard is uncomfortable or something they’re unfamiliar with.

Discovery is in the uncomfortable.

So here’s how to get started.

· · ·

Contrary to what some might say, quitting your devices cold turkey is not the way to go. Neither is coming at this from the perspective that digital absorption is something one must “detox” from.

It’s far better to think of this approach as a pleasurable vacation. An adventure. Or an exciting exploration you’re about to begin. One key (to all of life) is to start gradually and in a spirit of play.

Now that your attitude is in the right place, you can take physical action. Here are some wonderful steps.

mark-duffel-422279-unsplash blog
It’s not a life long commitment. And the benefits exceed a marital one. (Photo: Mark Duffel)

The commitment

Start by making a commitment that you’re going to do this for at least 30 days. In these thirty days, you’re going to immerse yourself, for a non-consecutive hour or two a day, in an activity series that has nothing to do with the digital world.

The process

Every day you’re going to do the following:

A. Each morning when you awake, you’re going to consciously take inventory of your surroundings, giving appreciation for the conditions in which you find yourself. You’re going to say out loud statements reflecting what you observe in this condition of appreciation.

The monologue will go thusly:

“I love how wonderful the day is. I love how good I feel. I really like this weather. I really love the feel of my clothes. I appreciate my bed. I appreciate my blankets. I appreciate my pillows…”

When you’ve just about had your fill of that experience, stop. If you get to the point where you’re struggling to figure out what to say, stop. This is not work. And you’re not applying effort. Nor are you being evaluated. It should be effortless and playful.

B. Rise from your bed. Take care of your personal (morning) business. Then, grab a notebook and writing gear. You’re then to write down a list of all the positive aspects of your life at the moment of your writing.

The objective of both A and B is to evoke from you an emotional response. A feeling of satisfaction or positive disposition about your life experience is what you’re reaching for.

Continue with your morning. Then…

C. Take a lunch. We mean actually take a real lunch. Outside the office, in the open air, alone. While you’re out there, set aside at least half of your lunch period and take a walk in nature. Say to yourself aloud or to yourself statements reflecting the wonderful things you are seeing in the world around you. You are focusing on positive aspects of your surroundings. Alternatively, take a more powerful approach to this step: while walking, acknowledge how your Inner Being (the you inside you) is constantly attending to you, loving you, appreciating you, rooting for you, supporting you and guiding you. Run a loop of these statements throughout your walk.

It is important that every time you are expressing yourself through these steps, that you mean what you are saying. Don’t just say the statements. You have to believe what you are saying.

When lunch is over, go about your afternoon.

D. Prior to bed, but not so close that you’re too tired, do the following: Reflect upon the day, think about all the great things that happened and that you enjoyed. Think about the positive aspects of the day. Be creative. Think of more than the obvious. For example, the sun rising is a positive aspect. So is bird song. So is plenty of air to breathe. So are the people who contribute to your life, such as those generations of human who came before you, who invented things you enjoy today. Get it?

When you have reached the point where you’re working at thinking of something, stop.

E. The next morning, start again. After 10,000 times, you’re still a beginner. So each morning is a new opportunity. A new day. A new moment.

Follow these instructions to the letter and before day 30 an unmistakable event will happen which will demonstrate to you, in no uncertain terms, that you are progressing.

Here’s an example from a client’s experience:

He was doing part-time work at an expo, manning a table for a friend. He had a goal to achieve a certain amount of income each day. This table-manning gig was getting him part-way there, but he needed a bit more work. While at the expo, another friend called with an urgent task. If he could complete it, he’d be paid far more than his daily quota.

The task was to find a woman this other guy needed to talk with urgently. The conversation would save a business deal. But the guy needing to have the conversation couldn’t find the woman anywhere.

But our client, let’s call him Josh, was hesitant. He didn’t want to lose the income from the table-manning gig. And he had no idea who this woman was or where she was. So at first he said no.

Josh had been doing a more detailed version of the above instructions. So when he had the impulse to call the guy back and tell him yes, he followed it. The guy gave Josh the woman’s name. That’s all the guy had. Josh had a friend replace him at the table and got to work.

He found the woman’s address. That’s when he received another impulse: that if he left for that address right now, the woman would be there.

So he left.

He arrived and knocked on the door. Nothing.

Knocked again. Nothing.

Knocked again. Hard.


Hmm, he thought. He started walking away. When he got halfway back to his car, he got another impulse: turn around.

When he did, there was the woman standing on the porch.

Josh walked up to the woman while dialing the number of the guy who desperately needed to speak with her.

“Are you XYZ?” Josh asked.

“Yes,” She said.

He handed her his phone. “This call is for you.”

The rest of the story is history. Josh was a skeptic at first. He didn’t trust that Perry could show him how to eliminate nearly all his life challenges. Now he knows what we know. And his life is gradually becoming a delightful romp.

Josh doesn’t have a problem requiring a respite from digital content consumption. You don’t either. What Josh wanted was a way to feel invincible in his life experience. It is what every human craves.

· · ·

We don’t think a “detox” from a digital indulgence is necessary. Nothing is going wrong on your planet. But we do believe one can use such an experience to benefit from far more than more balance between real life and digital life.

Digital device balance will naturally be restored when you’ve discovered your inner world’s majesty. For then you’ve soothed that which has been nagging you.

The digital world pales in comparison to what awaits behind your eyeballs. When you realize that, your seeming habitual fascination with internet information –– like nail biting –– will fall away.

You can have it all. We’re offering this bit of information for that purpose.

The most powerful reading is that which inspires you to more. The new. The not known before. It’s one of the reasons you’re so drawn to social media via your devices. The inner world holds so much of that, not having direct access to it is a life barely lived.

*We are Perry’s nonphysical Inner Being expressing ourselves through the experiences and examples of Perry’s life.

Making A Case For Ignoring “Reality”

Photo: Maite Wingen

If you’re like most people, you’re paying way too much attention to the world around you.

Seems like an asinine statement, right? Like, where else should I pay attention?

To the moment of becoming if you want life mastery

A life master once said “The only difference between a common mortal and a Buddha is that one knows he is a Buddha, the other does not.”

Those are the words of “the original Buddha” written by his hand in a treatise about enlightenment. He wrote those words to inspire human beings to aspire to life mastery aka Buddhahood, aka enlightenment.

We’ve quoted this sentence a lot because it reveals a lot.

Life mastery is nothing other than being able to create a life which exceeds one’s deepest desires.

And more.

Looking around the world of what is, you see most humans in one of three states:

  • Trying to realize a few rather humble dreams because the person has been shown (by the world) that their big dreams are impossible (they’re not). Or…
  • Living a minuscule fraction of their potential because they’re no longer able to dream big because dreaming is either uncomfortable (it brings up feelings of unworthiness, lack of efficacy or both) or seen as a waste of time, which is a different dimension of feeling unworthy.
  • Living some really big dreams (such as immense wealth) while simultaneously experiencing impoverishment in other parts of their lives

Life mastery is about getting all you want. And more.

In every sense.

Mastery doesn’t only include the intangibles such as spiritual fulfillment, happiness, or emotional stability at or near constant joy/love. It also is getting all you want materially.


But if you’re ignoring that one place where everything you want comes from, you’re not only not likely to get what you want, you also won’t believe getting what you want is even possible.

Or, you believe getting what you want is somehow wrong, immoral, unjust or must come at the expense of others or personal sacrifice.

Getting all you want and more is the success indicator of life mastery.

NOT getting what you want is a symptom. It indicates a condition where a person is spending too much time looking at the world around them.

“Looking at” also means “listening to.”

Chronically looking at the world around you will cause you to shrink. It will cause your dreams to shrink. It will train you into unworthiness.

Until it doesn’t.

It doesn’t when you pay more attention to your seat of power, the only place you have total control of your life experience. That power place is the moment of becoming.


Stand Out Results Presuppose Stand Out Awareness


How do virtuosos in anything consistently produce virtuosity?

Some will say “training” or “a good coach” or “luck”. Some may say they were born with it. Often, these standouts will say similar things. Even they don’t understand it.

Some are so bewildered and guilty-feeling in their sense of unworthiness for such success they fall into coping behaviors – sex, drugs, alcohol, porn or worse.

That’s another story.

Training, a good coach, luck…These are reasonable explanations. But there is a better, more consistent and accurate answer that applies to everyone.

That’s right, the same thing differentiating those who do achieve stand out accomplishments can differentiate you as a stand out too.

But first, a short departure….

Everyone knows about gravity. We know, for example, that it existed before its scientific “discovery”. In other words, long before science called it “gravity”, gravity was functioning as well as it functions today.

Now, generally speaking, gravity cannot be seen. Seems like it can be felt, but the feeling of gravity is the effect of gravity. It is not gravity itself.

“Wind” is similar. It can’t be seen. But its effects can be. Like gravity, it too functioned perfectly, thank you very much, before science, or whoever, discovered, then called it “wind.”

Keep this in mind as you read further.

Will Smith Beyonce Usain Bolt Jim Carrey Conor McGregor
Exceptional stand outs

What differentiates stand outs from everyone else is how much time these people spend in “the moment of becoming”, that moment which, like gravity and wind, cannot be seen.

Yet it is no less real.

The moment of becoming is where all points of consciousness exist. It is that no-space, no-time “location” where conscious awareness (another uable-to-be-seen) gives direction to equally unseen “forces”. Those forces eventually coalesce or accrete into co-inciding (i.e. coincidental) objects, events and circumstances desired and expected by the point of consciousness consistently holding its said direction.

Now, the points of consciousness we call “human” aren’t particularly good at giving “consistently held direction” to these unseen forces.  They don’t quite understand what “consistently held” means in this context, nor do they understand indicators meant to help with “consistently holding.”

But like most things about humans and other points of consciousness, there is great diversity. Diversity which includes instances of human that are practiced or at least determinedly focused on “consistently holding”. As a result, they exhibit virtuosity in their chosen fields – applying it to maintaining super stardom in entertainment, achieving excellent physical prowess, magnificent wealth, or…becoming president.

So few humans reach stand out levels. Yet every human can achieve such outstanding results as it applies to his or her or their specific interests and values.

Instead of one or two “superstars” among a large group of “ordinary” folks, the world can be a place where the ordinary is superstardom.

The Buddha* once said “The only difference between a common mortal and a Buddha is one knows he is a Buddha, the other does not.”

It could be added that common mortals also don’t understand their place in time in space. Which is to say they don’t understand their place actually being outside time and space…in the moment of becoming.

But you (or anyone) can quickly and easily come into this knowing.

The results can be as astonishing as the realization itself.

Outstanding results have more to do with what happens outside time and space than is commonly acknowledged. Harness that awareness and you become irresistible in your chosen field.



*The self-proclaimed original Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin (1222-1282).
Photo credits: Beyonce: By Nat Ch Villa – Derived from: File:Beyonce – Montreal 2013 (3).jpgOriginal source: Flickr: [1], CC BY 2.0, | Will smith By Walmart Stores – Will Smith at the 2011 Walmart Shareholders Meeting, CC BY 2.0, | Jim Carrey By Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0, |  Colin mcgreggor By Andrius Petrucenia on Flickr (Original version)UCinternational (Crop) – Originally posted to Flickr as “UFC 189 World Tour Aldo vs. McGregor London 2015″Cropped by UCinternational, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Work hard. Get paid. Get what you want.

(Photo: Ant Rozetsky)

That’s the hard way.

Here’s an easier one: know what you want. Focus on being happy while tuning into your intuition. Your life will take on a leisurely, joyful and ease-filled quality.

And in that state of grace, what you want comes not only easier, and more quickly, but also with greater satisfaction and delight.

All That Is is on your side. It wants you to have all you want. You don’t have to work to get it. And you definitely don’t have to work hard.

This. Every day.

appreciation rampage pic
Writing down good-feeling thoughts is a great daily practice.

Make a habit of feeling good. It’s a sure path to seemingly miraculous happiness levels. Only it’s not miraculous.

It’s life.

We are all meant to be happy.

Happy includes prosperity and freedom, including financial freedom and time freedom. Everything you might include as necessary to happiness you can have.

You don’t have to deprive yourself of things to be happy. Unless you want that. Then you can have it.

You’re meant live a continual state of happiness. If you’re not doing that, you’re doing life wrong…but no way is wrong, because every way ends in happy. It’s just that with the way the majority of people are doing life, ongoing happiness comes after death.

But you don’t have to die to be ongoingly happy.

It’s funny how we sometimes say “If I have that guy or girl I’m looking for as a partner I’ll be happy.” Or “He makes me happy.”

Relationships don’t make a person happy.

Having that perfect partner in your life doesn’t make you happy. That relationship, no matter how wonderful, comes with button pushing, unmet expectations, and more opportunities for growth. Can you be happy in a relationship? Yes. But not because of the relationship. You’re happy because you’re happy.

Happy doesn’t come from having that new job, or that car or house you want, or that money you’re wanting or whatever either.

When you satisfy a want, you feel the satisfaction, sure. But notice: over time, that satisfaction fades as new desires dominate your interest. Satisfaction and happiness are not necessarily the same. Satisfaction feels good.

Relationships are like satisfied desires. They are meant to be fulfilled, which brings a state of satisfaction.

Happiness cloud burst

But happiness is borne of in-the-moment-awareness of your recognition, your acknowledgment, that your life is a delightful journey, orchestrated by you in every moment. When you get to that recognition, life becomes what it is meant to be: a continuous string of joyful experiences.

When that becomes your life experience, something else happens too: more of your desires get satisfied. And often, with little effort.

It takes a while to get there, not because it’s hard – it’s actually easy.

It takes a while to get there because you have to gradually slow the influence of your old way of living: thinking that life is hard, that you must work hard, that relationships are hard, that “you don’t always get what you want”, that men are all X and women are all Y.

Once you do get there though….oh my.

So the trip is worth it.

Five steps to starting the trip:

  1. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate – write down how much you appreciate. Try expressing appreciation for things you take for granted, such as the device you’re reading this on, the shoes on your feet, soap, toothpaste.
  2. Pay attention to what you’re feeling. They clue you in on what you’re thinking. Develop a habit of checking in with yourself throughout the day. We can help you develop habits. We’re really good at it.
  3. Stop listening to the news. Very little – actually almost nothing – in the news pertains to you
  4. Get out more. Take more walks. While you’re out there, practice step one above and notice things in the world you take for granted.
  5. Take time at the end of the day to acknowledge all the good that happened today, including your success in doing these five steps.

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself well on the way towards unshakeable happiness and freedom. We guarantee it.

You are meant to live a happy life. If you’re not, why aren’t you?