The Situation Comedy That Is Your Awesome Life

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A lot of funny stuff goes on in life. After death too.

You could say life is, as Abraham likes to say, a situation comedy.

If you don’t take life too seriously.

Not finding life a barrel of monkeys?

It might be because you’re not in on the jokes.

You’re in on the jokes when you’re in touch with your Inner Being. Your Inner Being constantly communicates with you via your intuition. Your intuition guides you to everything you want.

Unless you can’t hear it. Or don’t follow it. Or you think it can’t be trusted.

Here’s the good news. Your Inner Being knows you are eternal. You have all the time in the universe. So not following your intuition right now is no big deal.

You will in time.

· · ·

Our Inner Beings play with us sometimes. That’s one reason people don’t trust intuition. They aren’t in on the jokes. It’s not malicious. Playfulness reminds you to play more. Play is an essential part of what you are.

Near the end of his 30-minute meditation one morning, Perry felt his Inner Being count the seconds…4…3…2…1…

Riiiiing! went the timer. Perry laughed. His Inner Being was showing off. It’s nice to be in on the jokes.

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Your Inner Being will often joke with you. It’s its way of saying “have fun. That’s life’s purpose”. (Photo: Marcelo Leal)

Humor dominates in the realm of gods and humans. Unless you’re taking life too seriously.

Another example.

Perry and his wife Bridget last week went to a movie. They saw the sci-fi flick “Prospect”. Both were eager to see it. When they got there, the theater was closed.

So they went to Starbucks for a chai and coffee.

There, Perry chatted up the barista. She just started her shift. Perry’s Inner Being runs the show more often than not these days. So silly, playful interactions with strangers in public are normal. Sometimes to Bridget’s embarrassment.

But she’s getting used to it.  She describes Perry as “a 54 year old going on 4”.

Outcomes great and small come from these antics. This Starbucks visit was no exception.

Bridget fell in love with this black reusable cup, but didn’t want to buy it. She pointed it out and mentioned how she liked it. Meanwhile, Perry kept playing with the barista.

the offensive coffee blog
Delightful surprises large and small are available when you’re in on life’s jokes.

Drinks ordered and paid for, they waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally their drinks were ready. To Bridget’s surprise, the barista made her drink in the cup Bridget mentioned liking. No charge.

She looked at the barista. The barista looked at Perry, smiled and said “thanks for making my morning.”

Back to the theater.

The box office, which used to be outside, is now located inside with the concessions. That way while movie-goers buy tickets, they can impulse buy over-priced candy and soda.

Perry wanted to go upstairs and get the tickets. But Bridget said they couldn’t bring their drinks into the theater. She pointed to the sign saying so.

No food or drinks sign
There it is in all it’s glory

Perry wasn’t having it. His Inner Being wanted what it wanted. Sometimes though, old beliefs and new, better serving ones vie for Perry’s focus.

“A happy wife is a happy life”. That’s a common belief in Western culture. It’s not something Perry totally believes, but he believes it enough to have stayed downstairs with his wife and finish some of his drink…

…until his Inner Being wasn’t having it anymore. We wanted to go inside.

When they got to the register, Bridget was nervous. On their way upstairs she hid her drink under her coat. It was obvious she was hiding something. Perry thought that funny.

He brandished his drink like freak flag, continuing what he started at Starbucks at the concession stand.

prospect blog
It’s a great movie

The theater staff loved it. While Bridget worried about the drinks, the crew ignored them. They were too busy laughing and joking.

Tickets in hand, Bridget and Perry headed to their seats. Bridget put her drink in the cup holder, then reached for her purse. Some money fell to the floor and rolled under her seat. Perry got up to get it.

Bridget said don’t worry about it, but it was too late. Perry was already looking.

So, Bridget got up, not knowing she inadvertently got her coat wedged between the cup holder and her cup. When she stood up, she spilled her coffee…almost a full 20 ounce cup…on herself, her chair, the floor.

A frothy, sticky mess.

Coffee, everywhere!

At first it wasn’t funny. But then, knowing what she knows, Bridget laughed. Perry too.

The whole theater smelled of tall-breve-extra-whatever-it-was Bridget ordered. Her dress and coat were soaked. But at least she got that cup!

The movie started. The coffee incident faded. Bridget’s wet bottom, and coffee smell were the only reminders.

The real fun came a few days later…

That’s when Perry realized both he and his wife got exactly what each focused on. Taking outside food and drinks inside was a no-no. The sign said so. Bridget wanted to follow the rules. So she ended up without a drink. Just as if the crew told her she could’t bring it in.

Meanwhile, Perry got to enjoy the rest of his drink, dry and happy. In his reality, posted signs restricting behavior give way to his connection with his Inner Being.

· · ·

There’s a lot of funny happening in life. But if you’re not in on the joke(s), you’re missing the fun.

Abraham likes to call life a “situation comedy”. Perry’s starting to understand what they mean. He’s taking life a lot less seriously these days.

Are you?

So here’s how to get in on the joke and transform your life in the process.


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Photo: Cristian Escobar

Tap into your broader perspective

First, you have to realize you have what we call broader perspective. Broader perspective is seeing from your eternal, fundamental nature. From this view, you see life different. It is just one of infinite adventures you are having as part of who and what you are.

You can realize your broader perspective in many ways. Meditation is effective. So are experiences such as Ayahuasca events. But the best way is letting life demonstrate it to you. How does that happen? By realizing you are creating your reality.

You are creating your reality. We’re not being metaphorical. You are forming your moment-by-moment daily life via beliefs you hold.

The process is supposed to produce joy, freedom and invincibility. But many don’t get there until after death. Meanwhile, their life sucks. Or it vacillates between OK and sucky, with fleeting moments of awesomeness.

You don’t have to be one of those folks.

You can directly experience your broader perspective by playing with your beliefs. Change them, and your life experiences will change too. We wrote a great process for doing this.

Realize you’re invincible

Once you begin realizing your broader perspective, then explore how you create your reality, life gets fun. And funny. You start realizing everything in your life experience is under your spell. Even other people.

That means nothing can happen in your life experience that isn’t a demonstration of your beliefs. So if you have the power to change beliefs, you have the power to change your reality.

It’s as simple as that.

That’s invincibility.

But to someone who hasn’t had this personal life experience, “you create your reality” and “you are invincible” and “you are eternal” are just words. Enough evidence in your personal life experience proves overwhelmingly convincing. Which brings us to the next step:

Notice the proof

The more you explore these ideas and experiences, the more life will demonstrate the accuracy of what you’re reading. Demonstrations start small. Before long, they get significant. Then overwhelming.

overwhelmed with evidence, you’ll get bold. You’ll play more and more with significant beliefs.  You’ll challenge beliefs you thought were fundamental life truths. When your life experiences show they aren’t, you’ll start exploring even more.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice will make you proficient. Before long you will master your life experience like a boss. You’ll generate your life the way you want, at will. You’ll find you’re never alone. Rather, innumerable beings are always by your side, assisting you.

They’ll convince you life is fun. And adventure.

Now, you are in on the joke.

· · ·

Do these steps consistently. You’ll find yourself getting more and more of what you want, easier than before.

Pro tip

Your results come faster if you’re happy. Happiness doesn’t only depend on pleasing situations. You can create happiness at will. No matter what circumstances you face….

Practicing being happy can clue you into your broader perspective too. Pay enough attention, you’ll find being happy shifts many old beliefs. Over time, happiness can also convince you that life reflects your beliefs. It just takes more evidence-awareness that way.

There’s a lot of funny stuff going on in life. You don’t have to wait until after death to get in on it.

You can start now and deliberately write the comedy you’re living.




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