Just Because You Don’t Know how To Be Happy Doesn’t Mean Happiness Is Not Worth Pursuing

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The purpose of life is happiness.

Your life is supposed to be an ongoing series of happy experiences that get better and better. Then you return to where you came, where most of you still is now, reveling in an indescribable bliss. This kind of life is possible when you’re chronically happy.

We call it living “happily ever after.” You are meant to live that.

So, why is it so many don’t? It’s simple really.

They have forgotten how. As a result, they’re literally “doing” it wrong.

Maybe you are too.

Let’s fix that.

Happy isn’t a result. It’s a state of being. This is important.

How to be happy

Happiness is not the result of doing. It is a result of being.

In other words, it’s a “being state”.

You become happy by being happy.

“That sounds like a circular argument Perry. What do you mean?”

First, let’s clear up some misconceptions.

Pursing happiness through consumption or acts, is bound to disappoint because the result you’re looking for from the act your taking isn’t meant to be permanent. It’s meant to make you want more.

Which it does.

That’s why the good-feeling from doing is fleeting.

When you figure out how to be happy as a being state, not through doing things, then actions you take from that being state are the way you express your happiness, not how you achieve happiness.

In other words, your doing is an expression of your happy state, not a means to the end of being happy.

To create happiness you first have to understand what happiness is.

Happiness is an emotion. Yeah, you know that.

But, what is the role of an emotion? Have you thought about that? In all the conversations we have about this, no one (so far) has thought thoroughly about what emotions are for. Or come to the right answer.

They just accept their existence.

Armed with emotions’ purpose, you can then distinguish being happy from not being happy. This is the calibration step. You calibrate your awareness to recognize when you’re happy.

Next, you train yourself to experience happiness using your calibration as a guide.

Then and only then can you tell when you’re not happy and thus return to the state of happiness at will. Once you’ve practiced that distinction, you’re now ready for the next, and most important, step.

Here is where 99.9 percent of people fail:

You have to stay in a happy state consistently enough that you create “happiness momentum”. As we’ve described above, this happiness results from nothing other than your say-so.

IMG_0728 blog
Perpetual happiness begins with you being happy for no other reason other than because you say so.

Here’s why this is important.

Once you have created our own happiness momentum, then you’ve got it all. Because a consistent, perpetually happy state is the open door through which all you want comes to you with very little effort.

There’s a host of other things you have to know in order to get this state to the point of perpetual momentum. For one, you must learn to recognize the signs indicating it’s working.

What do we mean by that?

how you create reality blog
It’s simple science!

The world around you is your subjective life experience. Your life experience is composed of a series of accretion events – seemingly random compositions of people, circumstances and objects coming together in a certain timing.

These accretion events are a process guided by your attention. Your emotions play a significant role in this attention-guidance.

In the happy state, you are deliberately guiding your life experience as it emerges around you. You direct the assembly of events and people and elements and circumstances in a timing that is delightful.

When you’re not happy, you’re doing the opposite of that.

It’s that simple.

Nearly everyone on the planet can’t recognize this is how life works. They have been conditioned out of that ability, including the ability to use emotions like happiness the way they are supposed to be used.

And that’s why people try to “make” happiness happen through doing: buying things, going on trips, being with others, etc.

The pursuit of happiness doesn’t work because the pursuer is blind to the fact that she carries her happiness with her.

Happiness is not found in the physical world. That’s not what the physical world is for.

We know this seems preposterous pseudoscience. But a little test on your part can prove that it works 100% of the time. Like many things requiring mastery though, you need someone who can remind you how to use the process and see the signs of it working.

Make your life purpose happiness and you will live happily every after. We guarantee it.


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