How Your Life Gives You All You’re Wanting Demonstrated By A Bike Ride

Caleb Woods bike ride FB blog
Photo: Caleb Woods

In most things you’re wanting, the way you’re going to get it is through people.

Sometimes that includes simple things like delightful, seemingly random (they aren’t random) meetings telling you you’re on your path.

Two days ago, after a wonderful meditation, Perry felt the urge to ride his bike along the lake where he and his wife are vacationing. He thought such a ride, about 20 miles round-trip, would be a nice experience.

But the tires on his bike had deflated a bit on the way to the lake.

Perry didn’t bring a pump. Instead of being disappointed about it, he saw it as a merry adventure: how was he going to inflate his tires? He was eager for the answer.

He looked around for a bike pump but found none. He did find a compressor though, with a tire-inflation tube attached, but the valve wasn’t the kind that would fit his bike.

Pump blog
A valve fitting meant for standard valves. Not the kind of valves on Perry’s bike.

That’s when he thought of those conversion valves which allow a pump to work on any kind of bike tube valve stem. Any bike shop carried these items, he knew, so he decided to ride his bike further into town to buy a couple.

The tires still had enough air in them to make the trip.

The way from the house to the lake trail is single-track, like a mountain bike trail. It’s rocky and bumpy and winds between trees and bushes, up hills and down. Perry enjoyed that part of the ride.

About two miles into the entire 22-mile ride, Perry got his first indication this ride was going to be interesting:

He realized he forgot the keys to his bike lock.

Now most people would think this is something that happens all the time. And it does. Your “higher self” your “inner being” “god”, “the Universe” whatever name you give it, is always communicating with you. The trick is, how open are you to receiving the messages?

Perry is open.

So instead of reacting in frustration or annoyance at forgetting his keys, he merrily turned around and headed back to the lake house. Doubling back, he saw something that looked like a black snake in the middle of the trail. As he approached it, the snake turned out to be his bicycle chain lock.

Perry had left the bike’s tool bag open. Riding over the open trail caused the lock to fly out of the bag.

That was Perry’s second realization.

· · ·

Now an interesting thing to note. Everything happens on purpose. So when All That Is (that’s the nomenclature we prefer) orchestrates an event like losing or forgetting your keys, there is a reason. As this story unfolds, you’re going to understand why.

So bear with us. The story gets much better.

(Right now as Perry writes this, he is reveling in the realization we have just alluded to. Since he knows the entire story, he already has made the connection. Before writing the paragraph above, he didn’t have this realization. You will get the point of this whole story at the end.)

· · ·

Perry’s ride back to his house set up the series of events that would not have happened had the ride back to the house not happened. And this is the case with everything happening in your life. Even when you lose something.

So Perry rode back to the house, got his keys, made sure the zipper on his tool bag was secure, then headed back towards the lake trail.

Along the trail he crossed paths with other bikers, all of whom smiled, waved or otherwise said hi to Perry. When you’re in the presence and aware of your Inner Being, your Inner Being matches you with people who are also in that state in the moment you are. So each of these micro-rendezvous were also indicators.

Having had these indicators and being aware of their receiving, Perry was prepared consciously, for the Big Event.

He followed the curve of the lake shore and came upon a white cargo van towing a trailer of equipment. It was parked parallel along the trail and the side closest to the trail was open. Inside the van was a man not much older than Perry, playing an upright piano.


Jeff playing piano blog
Jeff Playing his piano out of his work van.

It was the strangest thing to Perry and it stuck out of his environment like a sore thumb.

Who keeps a piano in their work van?

The van was packed with cleaning equipment boxes, insulation and cleaning tools. But there was just enough room for the piano, a stool and the guy playing it. Perry rode past the van but then realized this meant something.

So he turned around.

They guy was playing 80s hits, Perry’s favorites in his 20s. After a resounding rendition of a tune from that era, the man turned around to see he had an audience.

What happened next was remarkable. They guy, Jeff, said hi then asked Perry for a song to play. He rambunctiously played it to Perry’s delight. Then, for what seemed like an hour Jeff and Perry talked about Southern California (where they both from) music (which they both love) the 80s, business and more. Jeff was restarting his very successful mobile detail business here in Idaho. He had just moved here from California where he had been tremendously successful detailing planes, boats and cars of “the very rich”.

The connection was so natural and easy for both Perry and Jeff. Like they were old friends.

Jeff said he was taking his lunch break, decided to do so at that spot, because he figured he would be able to do some marketing. His van has big signs on either side.

It was obvious to Perry that Jeff was naturally in tune with his Inner Being. Very successful in business, married to a very successful wife, Jeff had been living his life on his terms for all his life. Perry could tell Jeff was happy. And his life reflected that.

Who plays a piano on their lunch break?

But wait, there’s more.

While enjoying a chat old buds would have, an obviously affluent, older woman pulled up. She asked Jeff for his card, then told him she had a number of expensive boats she needed help with right away.

After several minutes, Jeff gave her his card, turned and flashed Perry a gigantic smile. Perry felt the satisfaction of his own life, reflected in that smile. Obviously Jeff and Perry were sharing a special moment.

Jeff blog

The woman left and Perry and Jeff both high-fived each other, excited about this real demonstration that life is lived best in a state of grace, a state of expectation that life is supposed to work out, always.

After the woman left, Jeff said something Perry will never forget.

Perry is in the process of growing four different companies, a couple of which are highly ambitious. So Jeff’s words were perfect. They were exactly what Perry was looking for.

“The best way to grow a company is organically,” Jeff said. “I’ve got [companies] contacting me online asking $600 a month to do marketing for me. But what I’ve found is best is letting it grow organically.”

We couldn’t agree more.

· · ·

The rest of Perry’s ride was equally monumental, with epiphanies and rendezvous which made the ride, enjoyable, yes, but also deeply meaningful.

And, had he not lost his keys, he would not have taken twice the time to reach the spot where Jeff and he met. That’s the kind of orchestration a human being can’t possibly manipulate into existence. And, everything you’re wanting –– no matter how big or small –– is being orchestrated by All That Is, your Inner Being and the Universe, what we refer to as your personalized trinity in exactly this way.

Every life moment can be this way for every one. No exceptions.

Perry more often than not exists in a state of perpetual strong connection to his personalized trinity after many years of practice, through multiple disciplines. So he is constantly realizing events in which people or animals or events coordinate just so to punctuate his good feelings with real-life demonstrations such as this one. Thus, he lives in a real, conscious state of invulnerability, knowing he and he alone creates his reality.

It wasn’t always that way for Perry. But that’s another story.

There is no end to how better life can get. Discovering you create your own reality and as such can live any life you choose is intoxicating. And, there is no ceiling to how good your life can get either.

Everything is possible.

Maybe you don’t believe that. If you allow it, your life will change that.

In future posts, we’ll be sharing more of Perry’s life experiences. We hope you enjoyed this one as much as we and Perry enjoyed sharing it with you.

Your life is a series of rendezvous with people and events bringing everything you are wanting. You came into the world to be happy.

There’s no better time to be happy than now.

You Already Offer The World Value. Focus On Being Happy. You’ll Get Everything You’re Wanting.

Aleksey Shkitenkov choose to be happy FB blog
Photo: Aleksey Shkitenkov

The purpose of life is to be happy.

Value is something you can’t help but give. Have you noticed?

No matter what you’re doing, you’re offering value to some one or some thing. It’s part of what you come into the world naturally doing.

But happiness…that’s another story.

Perhaps your happiness is fleeting. Perhaps happiness to you is as capricious, and as impermanent, as any other emotion. So trying to think of it as something you can perpetually enjoy, as a steady life state, seems stupid to expect.

Especially when there is so much to witness that isn’t happy to look at. No wonder you shift your desire to usefulness or value over being happy.

But you come into the world to enjoy the adventure of being of value. And the enjoyment, i.e. the “happy factor” was supposed to be something akin to your body: just as your body has grown and become more as you have become older, so to was your level of happiness supposed to become more and more.

Likely that’s not the case, is it.

· · ·

People ask: “How can we be happy with all the suffering going on in the world?”

The rub in that question is, until you figure out how to be perpetually happy, you can’t understand the answer to the question you’re asking.

You become happy first. Then you discover the suffering you see isn’t what you think it is.

To understand the perpetual nature of happiness requires understanding something else that is the subject of great debate: your inherent free will.

Your free will is the nexus between value, your life experience and your happiness. Here’s how:

  1. You cannot help but create value for self and others because this whole thing called life experience is a massive collaboration the purpose of which is eternal expansion predisposed towards “better”. And that’s what you inherently are: life experience getting better.
  2. You can not help but exist here because that was (and continues to be) your intent. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. No one else is forcing you into your body, making sure you stay in your body, on earth, against your will. You’re doing it. And you’re doing it because you want to be here.
  3. And….in your free will, you can choose whether being here is fun or not. In other words, you’re free to put your attention anywhere you want while you’re here. And you can choose to use it to create whatever experience you like.

· · ·


There is a part of you that remains where you came from. While here, you communicate between you and you through your emotions. Ever wonder WHY you have emotions?

Not many ask that question.

That’s why “being happy” appears fleeting. It’s only because you don’t know what it is, or how to use it.

Just like you probably don’t know how to use this:

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 20.09.05 PM
What the hell is that? (Photo: City of Mesa)

But the moment you begin understanding what your happiness is for, you begin understanding a lot. Including what’s really going on here on Earth.

You can be perpetually, blissfully happy. But first you have to figure out what happiness is for. Then use it for what it was intended.

When you do, the world becomes your oyster. You get everything you want. And…you become invincible.

A Beginner’s Mind Makes Everything Possible

Johnny Sanchez invincible
Photo: Johnny Sanchez


Ever notice when you first do something, you’re really good at it? Whether it’s playing a game or trying a new skill, that first time often is our best.

It happens so often we call it “beginner’s luck.”

But it’s not really “luck” at all. It’s innocence.

Such a mind state is so powerful, it can even upset the seasoned players’ balance. The beginner has no stories/beliefs standing between her and virtuoso performance. No contrary thoughts, no fears, no expectations.

She’s innocent.

She doesn’t know any better. And that’s a good thing.

In a short time, however, her performance settles into the mean. She becomes a common mortal. Which is what she expects, of course. As do those around her.

(This is not a Christian writing, but we’re going to pluck a few stories from The Bible. You’ve been forewarned. 🙂 )

There’s a reason Jesus suggested¹ that in order for people to experience virtuoso performance in all they do and to have all they desire (e.g. enter the kingdom of heaven) they have to adopt a beginner’s mind (be like a child).

A mind dominated by positive expectations, to the exclusion of all else creates realities consistent with that: positive outcomes, to the exclusion of all else. A mind in a state of bliss is even better: it is open to all potentials consistent with All That Is, which leans or has a predisposition for “value fulfillment”.

You are All That Is. So cultivating a beginner’s mind brings you in concert with your essence, thus enabling you to achieve that which your stories may say is impossible.

Of course, cultivating a beginner’s mind is harder than “a camel passing through a needle” as Jesus² would say, because a “rich man’s” mind ( i.e. a worldly person, steeped in modern society’s stories of what’s possible, and more specifically what’s not) tends towards pessimism, frustration, “can’t be done”, cynicism, negativity and a whole host of other disempowering stories.

But even a common mortal faced with significant urgency can accomplish “the impossible”. A common mortal also can break through “truth” born of dominantly held societal beliefs and become, even if only for an instant, invincible.

All it takes is for one common mortal to unwaveringly believe and the entire world will bend to her bidding. Then she becomes a Buddha. Then anything is possible. For she has become a child.

The master knows after the 10,000th time, she is still a beginner.

Do you?


¹The actual verse: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (
²Again, the actual verse: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (

Your Invincibility Is As Close As Your Attention

Jeremy Perkins invincible
Photo: Jeremy Perkins

Invincibility is yours. And it’s closer than you think.

That’s a trick statement because “thinking” is what keeps you from experiencing your invincibility.

“Thinking” is also the key to getting your invincibility back.

When we use the word “invincibility”, we’re being literal, not metaphorical…

Your attention creates your life experience. We’re being literal here too. A person not used to looking at life that way, or a person who believes only science has all the answers, might be confronted by this literally accurate statement.

But there is no evidence to the contrary.

Give all your attention to what you see and you create more life experience consistent with that. Put your attention in the moment of becoming, however, and you tap into your real leverage. Your seat of power, creation and invincibility.

Your own life overflows with evidence demonstrating that your attention on life creates your life experience. People ascribe these examples to random chance, luck, or coincidence only because they infrequently notice them: they only notice them when they’re particularly stand out-ish.

So it seems such events are few and far between.

But when a person deliberately taps into the moment of becoming they realize these kinds of events are not random. Instead, they are happening all the time. In fact, there is never a time when they are not happening.

You just can’t see it happening because you’re not aware of the evidence. Or you dismiss them thanks to science. Science of course calls such experiences confirmation bias. Categorizing these events as “confirmation bias” keeps you feeling vulnerable.

Become aware of the evidence, however, and you discover evidence everywhere. Doubt turns to belief, belief to knowing.

Before you know it, life shifts.

The subjective point of consciousness (a human being) and the seeming object reality (the person’s life experience) merge in the person’s awareness. The two were never separate to begin with, but dominant beliefs create the experience of separation.

Over time though, what we’re describing soothes such beliefs and life experience transforms.

Before long the person recognizes he is ongoingly creating life experience in a perfect, self-perpetuating loop. Attention creates life experience and “attending” to life experience creates more life experience. Ad infinitum…


That’s when life becomes fun, a game of sorts. The objective: perpetual joy, flow and fun.

Of course, you can’t be joyful if you’re not getting everything you want. It’s only natural then that you get that too: Everything you want. And more.

When you get to the point where life experience is an ongoing, deliberate creation born of your attention to what you’re wanting, and you see evidence of what you’re wanting coming to you day by day, or better, moment by moment, something extraordinary happens…

You realize no one and no thing has influence on your life experience.

But you.

That is invincibility. That is what you knew before you came here.

Invincibility: It’s closer than you think, because it’s a by-product of thinking.


Better Is Born Of Fear and Lack

ales-krivec improvement PF blog
Photo: Ales Krivec

Racists are in Portland today demonstrating their hatred with tacit support of our presidential administration. Joining them are the anti-fascists hell-bent on making sure racists know they aren’t welcome in America.

Free speech is the name of the game in the US and it’s a good thing. Even when things such as this erupt.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 13.44.24 PM
Photo: Mike Bivins on twitter

Protesting sounds romantic.

But protests accomplished little. The real action is in the moment of becoming.

But consider the wonder these events offer.

So many people asking for a better way – improvement over current conditions. No matter what side you’re looking at, everyone is asking for improvement. At the very least, everyone at this event has that in common. Even the cops.

But there’s a lot more they have in common.

They share frustration. They share anger.  They share disagreement. They feel woefully disempowered and insecure. Anyone who tries to take the freedom of another is feeling insecurity and fear.

Shortage consciousness.

Portland protest
Protesters in Portland standing against racism (photo: DSA Portland on twitter)

A shifting is being born of all this tension, insecurity and strife. Out of all this there must be something new that emerges.

Nobody can stop forward movement. In a couple decades the United States will be mostly brown.

Those fearing that future may feel the justice of a comeuppance on the horizon. But we know no such thing will come. Diversity doesn’t seek vengeance. And “Diverse” is another name for All That Is.

Be encouraged by all this strife we’re seeing. It always gets worse before it gets better.

How worse it’s going to get is irrelevant. Because the worse it gets, the bigger the better that follows.

And that’s what we’re focusing on.


Stand Out Results Presuppose Stand Out Awareness


How do virtuosos in anything consistently produce virtuosity?

Some will say “training” or “a good coach” or “luck”. Some may say they were born with it. Often, these standouts will say similar things. Even they don’t understand it.

Some are so bewildered and guilty-feeling in their sense of unworthiness for such success they fall into coping behaviors – sex, drugs, alcohol, porn or worse.

That’s another story.

Training, a good coach, luck…These are reasonable explanations. But there is a better, more consistent and accurate answer that applies to everyone.

That’s right, the same thing differentiating those who do achieve stand out accomplishments can differentiate you as a stand out too.

But first, a short departure….

Everyone knows about gravity. We know, for example, that it existed before its scientific “discovery”. In other words, long before science called it “gravity”, gravity was functioning as well as it functions today.

Now, generally speaking, gravity cannot be seen. Seems like it can be felt, but the feeling of gravity is the effect of gravity. It is not gravity itself.

“Wind” is similar. It can’t be seen. But its effects can be. Like gravity, it too functioned perfectly, thank you very much, before science, or whoever, discovered, then called it “wind.”

Keep this in mind as you read further.

Will Smith Beyonce Usain Bolt Jim Carrey Conor McGregor
Exceptional stand outs

What differentiates stand outs from everyone else is how much time these people spend in “the moment of becoming”, that moment which, like gravity and wind, cannot be seen.

Yet it is no less real.

The moment of becoming is where all points of consciousness exist. It is that no-space, no-time “location” where conscious awareness (another uable-to-be-seen) gives direction to equally unseen “forces”. Those forces eventually coalesce or accrete into co-inciding (i.e. coincidental) objects, events and circumstances desired and expected by the point of consciousness consistently holding its said direction.

Now, the points of consciousness we call “human” aren’t particularly good at giving “consistently held direction” to these unseen forces.  They don’t quite understand what “consistently held” means in this context, nor do they understand indicators meant to help with “consistently holding.”

But like most things about humans and other points of consciousness, there is great diversity. Diversity which includes instances of human that are practiced or at least determinedly focused on “consistently holding”. As a result, they exhibit virtuosity in their chosen fields – applying it to maintaining super stardom in entertainment, achieving excellent physical prowess, magnificent wealth, or…becoming president.

So few humans reach stand out levels. Yet every human can achieve such outstanding results as it applies to his or her or their specific interests and values.

Instead of one or two “superstars” among a large group of “ordinary” folks, the world can be a place where the ordinary is superstardom.

The Buddha* once said “The only difference between a common mortal and a Buddha is one knows he is a Buddha, the other does not.”

It could be added that common mortals also don’t understand their place in time in space. Which is to say they don’t understand their place actually being outside time and space…in the moment of becoming.

But you (or anyone) can quickly and easily come into this knowing.

The results can be as astonishing as the realization itself.

Outstanding results have more to do with what happens outside time and space than is commonly acknowledged. Harness that awareness and you become irresistible in your chosen field.



*The self-proclaimed original Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin (1222-1282).
Photo credits: Beyonce: By Nat Ch Villa – Derived from: File:Beyonce – Montreal 2013 (3).jpgOriginal source: Flickr: [1], CC BY 2.0, | Will smith By Walmart Stores – Will Smith at the 2011 Walmart Shareholders Meeting, CC BY 2.0, | Jim Carrey By Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0, |  Colin mcgreggor By Andrius Petrucenia on Flickr (Original version)UCinternational (Crop) – Originally posted to Flickr as “UFC 189 World Tour Aldo vs. McGregor London 2015″Cropped by UCinternational, CC BY-SA 2.0,

How to end up with the rest of the sheep

Photo: Robert Colins

Greater effort doesn’t mean faster (or better) results.

Higher-order refinement aka mastery, in any field, has more to do with what you don’t do than what you do.

Take martial arts for example. At the highest, most esoteric levels, ability comes through stripping away all effort, thereby allowing a soft, gentle…yes…childlike…approach.

In those rarefied skill levels, a perfectly placed step, outstretched hand or flexed knee are more devastating than a full-out punch or kick.

Such devastation isn’t possible unless you are trained not to resist the natural order of things. That training never involves hard work. It always involves play.

Devastating ability is not a product of what the budoka is doing, it is a product of what she is not doing (thinking, trying to make something happen, resisting, anticipating). For in the absence of all that doing she is present to higher-order intelligence, that which has already decided the battle and orchestrates events, including her moves, toward that end.

The same is the case with all things. Life is recursive. Meaning: in every instance, large or small, you will find the same life lessons repeated over and over.

You don’t need a 15th degree black belt to develop then apply this mastery in your life. What you do need is a willingness to go against the grain of “common” wisdom.

You can lead a sheep to wisdom, but you can’t make it think

You’ve likely heard all this before. In the same way you have heard how to get fit, succeed in life, break a habit or form a new one.

We all have knowledge.

But a lot of us are still overweight, still struggling to find success (however you define that), chewing our nails, addicted to masturbation or porn or both, or wanting to go to bed every night before 11 p.m. but still ending up awake at 1 a.m.

Knowledge is useless unless it is applied in a framework capable of producing mastery. Being caught up in the way everyone else is doing it rarely leads to mastery or success. Instead, you end up with the rest of the sheep.

This guy got it. And this guy, in the realm of finding a job.

Both followed their inspiration, not what everyone else was doing. Both got extraordinary results.

Both stories tell of events no one could orchestrate – seemingly random (it’s not random) single events, dovetailing with others leading to the outcome both desired.

You’re no different. What you want is already yours. What’s holding back the having of it?

Perhaps it’s the stories you’re telling yourself – more in your actions than in your words – which perpetuate the same results everyone else is getting.

Follow your internal guidance and the world becomes your oyster.

But first, you gotta figure out how to hear. Hint: It starts with play.

Hard work is common but unnecessary


We’ve been told to work hard. But the very successful don’t become successful through hard work. Even though they too fall into this mythical power of “working hard.”

Work-hard believers point to people like Michael Jordan, Ray Kroc, Thomas Edison and the like, as people who worked hard to get their rewards.

But all of these people, including other very successful people aren’t working very hard. What they are doing is doing the thing that lights their fire.

That’s what keeps a person willing to work all day and night. They aren’t doing that because they want the end goal. They are focused in the now, engaged in a seeming unlimited source of energy born of the connection with their passion and their focus.

In that, they find the delicious experience of flow.

Combat soldiers in the heat of battle get the same experience. They are so focused in the now, their reflexes, attention and abilities are heightened. And they can continue that way for long periods.

This connection is nothing more than the feeling one gets when the human being and its “larger self” are in direct communication. Whether you’re shooting hoops, planning and executing on a business strategy, exploring the limits of electricity, or trying to stay alive when others are trying to kill you, the connection and the indicator of that connection are the same: an intoxicating feeling of aliveness.

But you don’t have to go to Fallujah, create a massive company, or invent a new technology to have this experience. This experience is available to all. And no matter what happens when one’s alive, everyone gets it after death.

But you don’t have to wait to die to have it either.

The great thing is, tapping into it now, while you’re still alive, creates a life experience unparalleled by anything else.

And it’s guaranteed that if you can relax into it, and soothe your indoctrination that hard work is the key to success, you get all you want.

Hard work: unnecessary.

Work hard. Get paid. Get what you want.

(Photo: Ant Rozetsky)

That’s the hard way.

Here’s an easier one: know what you want. Focus on being happy while tuning into your intuition. Your life will take on a leisurely, joyful and ease-filled quality.

And in that state of grace, what you want comes not only easier, and more quickly, but also with greater satisfaction and delight.

All That Is is on your side. It wants you to have all you want. You don’t have to work to get it. And you definitely don’t have to work hard.

Hard work is not the key to success

Photo: Matthew Schwartz

Life experience says: all you want comes through hard work.

Or does it?

Life says you all you want comes through hard work because that’s what you tell yourself.

When you read books from people who “worked hard”, when you believe you have to work long hours because your colleagues, your “competitors” do, or your boss expects you to, when you feel you have to work weekends because you’re “behind the 8 ball”, you reinforce your belief story; the one seemingly consistent with your life experience that says “success comes from hard work.”

But your story is NOT consistent with your life experience. Your life experience is consistent with your story.

Change your story and your life will shape itself to fit the new story you tell.

You’ll get immediate results. But unless you know what to look for, you will miss them.

And that’s why people think positive thinking, affirmations, law of attraction and things like that don’t work. Because they don’t know what to look for.

Should you be able to drive if you don’t know what road markings mean, or if you don’t understand driving “rules”? Should you be able to teach someone else to drive?

Our guess is you’ll say “Of course not.”

Then we think you’ll agree that not knowing how to see the signs that positive thinking, affirmations and such are working, kinda disqualifies you from being an authority on whether such things work or not.

It’s better to just say “I don’t know.” Because if you don’t know how to see the signs, you don’t know.

Hard work can and often seems to lead to success. That’s only because so many people are working hard at being successful. Meanwhile, what’s actually creating the success they enjoy, has very little to do with the effort they employ.

Hard work is not the key to success. Success comes despite the hard work offered. So why are hard workers often successful and those who don’t work hard (seemingly) so often not?

Interesting paradox, isn’t it? Because a lot of hard workers are often not successful and sometimes those who don’t work hard are.

Most of us don’t seem to have the luxury of slowing down and exploring what they’re reading here. But if they overcome that story and test what we’re offering, they will find accuracy in all of this.

You can be successful without all the struggle you think you have to offer to get it.