The Spectacular Nature Of Our Dream Reality

Photo by Egor Vikhrev on Unsplash

What is happening when we dream? Some think dreams are the mind making sense of immediate past experience. There are a lot of other theories about dreaming too, but none of that is what’s happening.

Dreams are alternate dimensional experiences. When we dream, we leave our body. While the body refreshes itself, we move through a series of alternate realities among other various activities. These realities we create ongoingly as the aware-ized energy that we are. The realities are as real as this one. And we experience them through dreams.

Lots of people enjoy lucid dreams. Some even come awake in their dreams. Doing so, they travel fantastic landscapes. Landscapes in what seems like the past, or worlds that appear from the future. Of course, these are not “past” or “future”. Outside of this reality’s time and space conventions, everything happens everywhere all at once.

But our brains want to overlay their linear-time framework over these experiences. So certain dreams feel as happening in a “past” or “future” after we wake.

Everyone can enjoy what lucid dreamers enjoy during these very real experiences we call dreams. But most folks won’t take time to develop such enjoyments. That’s because our society places little importance on them, even though, historically, dreams once played prominent roles in life. They still do in some cultures and societies.

And even in ours, dreams still have tremendous influence. While science doesn’t officially understand our dreams’ purpose, and many people, including some influential folks, claim dreams are something we don’t need to pay attention to, dreams are crucial for life.

Meanwhile, for those who do pay attention to them, dreams become an enormously valuable experience. They literally open us up to all that we are. They help us see ourselves as god in human form.

Developing the skill: So worth it

Like any skill, experiencing conscious dreaming takes practice. And, just as we all potentially can exhibit “supernatural” abilities, we all dream. Even those who claim they don’t dream. So it’s not a matter of “developing” conscious dreaming ability. Instead, we learn to uncover what we’re already doing so that we can consciously experience and remember doing it.

I’ve been doing that for some time now. As a result, I regularly enjoy quite detailed, highly vivid, thrilling and emotionally fulfilling experiences while my body sleeps. In fact, a dream I had this morning prompted this post. It was so satisfying, the details so splendid, I felt compelled to share it.

I’ll share the dream itself, then offer an explanation for why I dreamed it. It should be added here that dreams are beyond our human understanding. We can only grok portions of them. Here’s why.

Conscious dream awareness can be developed, like any other skill.

Dreams take place in nonphysical. In nonphysical, everything happens all at once. That includes various incarnations of ourselves interacting with ourselves. Our various incarnations share information and knowledge from their realities, as we share ours with them. Each one also immerses themselves in each others’ experiences.

Our Broader Perspective also gets in on the act. It coordinates activities each of our incarnations experience. It also moves with other aspects of All That Is. In doing so, it arranges the fulfillment each of our incarnation’s desires. Fulfillment which expands the incarnations’ experience and All That Is as a whole.

In other words, a lot is happening in “dreams”. Much more than our brains can register. While in a human body, therefore, it’s impossible to know fully the dream reality.

But it’s a great place to begin. That’s because our dreams represent the closest nonphysical, alternate dimensional reality to this physical reality. We can therefore use dream reality to discover more about ourselves. Ourselves and the realm I call nonphysical.

Each dreamer dreams alone

I should add one other thing. Each dreamer creates their dream reality. No two dreamers dream alike. Books on dream symbols and interpretation exist in the marketplace. A lot of websites claim to help people understand their dreams. But it’s very difficult to match your dreams to such guides in any accurate way. Instead, people wanting to discover more about their dreams are better off learning to trust their Broader Perspective to guide them.

Again, dream reality is highly complex. In every dream, what actually happens and what we remember often diverge greatly. Again, the brain isn’t equipped to process dream activity. It does its best though. What we bring back to conscious awareness, therefore, is not what actually happened. Instead, the brain translates the experience using familiar imagery from daily life. At best then, what we remember is an approximation. Not what really happened.

Some think dreams are tricks of the brain. But they’re far more than that. And each dreamer’s experience is unique. (Photo by David Matos on Unsplash)

That’s why a book or website can’t really help a person understand their dreams. But our intuition can help. Through our intuition, we can develop a native ability to consciously know our dreams. However, it’s important to know that even if we don’t consciously understand them, we do receive the communication at more subtle levels of our consciousness. And we often take action in daily life because of them.

Meanwhile, like the act of recalling dreams, we can uncover that natural skill of conscious comprehension. It’s there, right under waking consciousness. It awaits our discovery. A Positively Focused approach naturally brings that consciousness to the surface. But other approaches work too.

The dream world offers a ton of value. On the surface they seem full of superfluous nonsense. If only people knew…

Let’s now look at my latest dream.

A fulfilling example

Again, I’m sharing the dream as I experienced it. In the next section, I’ll offer my intuition’s interpretation. Here we go!

I’m riding a BMX bike, but it’s an adult size. I’m riding among huge boulders. My skills are apparent. I’m super good. I easily negotiate twists and turns, jumps and slides among these boulders. My focus is on reveling in my skill and I’m shredding this experience. I feel unparalleled competence and I’m enjoying feeling that.

Evening time comes then and I want to ride the same trail again. But I’m stunned by the Golden Hour beauty, sunlight hitting the boulders just so, casting shadows and painting their surfaces in artistic splendor. I look at the really large ones, medium ones and small ones, and I’m struck with wonder at it all.

Deciding I’ll ride the trail again, I begin to do so. But then, after passing one curve, I realize evening time is when animals, predators especially, are most active. This brings up a thought of mountain lions, which is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately in waking hours. I stop riding then and think about whether I want to continue riding.

Meanwhile, cars drive by me on a nearby road which also winds through the boulders. One more passes. I look back along the twisted trail from where I came. That’s when I see, nestled in a crag between two large rocks, a mountain lion, its eyes fixed upon me.

I’m surprised, but not scared at all. Instead, fascination wells up as the lion struggles to its feet. Even in struggle, it’s graceful and powerful looking. Her beauty in my mind is unparalleled. I marvel that I’m seeing this because most people never get a chance to see this. She moves across the boulders dragging her back right leg. At times, as she walks away from me, she grabs what is obviously now an injured paw with her front paws. She licks that rear paw, then looks over to me. Then she moves off the large boulder onto the bike path.

Fascinated, I follow her. As she walks, the path turns into steep ramp. This ramp leads into what feels like a corridor of a concourse. The concourse is super futuristic, with really smooth walls and floors which seamlessly transform into one another. The mountain lion lays down in the middle of the corridor.

There are barely any people in the corridor. I walk up the ramp with a feeling I belong in this place. I approach the lion to get a closer look at her injury. Intense love for her and her for me wells up within me. It is that intense love that draws me to her. As I approach, she begins slowly changing into a human. I see her pelt transform into human skin, a rich, beautiful golden color that reminds me of the actress Zendaya from Dune and Euphoria.

I’m right up to her now as she lays on the floor holding her right leg. Looking at the leg, I notice a huge gum print. It’s embossed in the skin of the paw’s underside. There also are four puncture marks on either side of the ankle. That’s when the lion/girl talks to me. She says a bear attacked her some days ago. It bit her on the foot, but she was able to escape. I ask if I can take her to the clinic. I point down the corridor to my left. She turns her head and we both see doctors doing something in the clinic’s open entrance. But she turns back and emphatically says no.

I look to the right down the corridor. The atmosphere in the corridor is very calm, its surfaces colored a bluish grey. At the end I see a sign indicating a bathroom. I suggest we go there and perhaps I can help her with what is now her foot. She agrees.

At that moment, a man about my age approaches. He sees us and offers help, but doesn’t do anything. Instead, he asks if I’m a journalist. Yes, I say, then help the lion/girl to the bathroom. I believe the man follows us.

Once inside I find first aid supplies. I examine her foot. As clear as day I see the imprint of the inside gums of a mouth. I think about how hard that bear must have chomped down on that foot to create that impression, such that that impression is still there. I examine the rest of her body for other injuries. Doing so I notice a large tattoo of circles tied together along a straight line on the side of her rib cage.

Right at that moment, a woman appears in the room with us. She wears a stethoscope. I recognize her as a healthcare worker of some kind and telepathically request her help. The lion/girl doesn’t resist, so the woman begins administering aid.

I wake from this dream feeling intense emotions and extremely clear recall of everything that happened, including the ride, my skillful maneuvers, the fun I had riding, my concern about encountering a mountain lion, and this rendezvous, which transformed my concern into love for the creatures….

The interpretation…perhaps not what you think

All my dreams these days are this vivid, detailed and lengthly. Most of the time I wake from these with extreme fascination and revelry. This dream was no exception.

So what does all this mean? As I wrote above, it’s impossible for the brain to get all the messaging happening. However, here are general interpretations based on what my intuition told me after reading the dream over a few times:

  • My skill at life: The bike portion, including reveling among the open countryside, especially during the Golden Hour, is me recognizing my eagerness and resonance about exploring physical reality. It’s a resonance I’ve enjoyed since childhood. And it’s something I’ve reveled in all my life. It also reassures me of my competence with reality/life. This portion reminds me how deft I am at being physical. It’s encouragement.
  • Processing fears into love: While awake in this reality, I think sometimes about taking walks in the wild alone. While doing so I worry sometimes about encountering apex predators. Such encounters I’ve had before. Once with a cougar. Once with a black bear. In both cases nothing remarkable or scary happened. This dream is me in nonphysical reminding myself of my connection to All That Is which includes apex predators. And because I’m so connected I have nothing to fear.
  • Encountering the mountain lion: This is a complex set of experiences. This segment amplifies everything above. It also reminds me of the oneness I share with all living beings, as the lion transforms into a woman. Me fascinated with the lion indicates my love and interest in perpetuating All That Is through my physical experience. Me assisting with the lion’s paw is an expression of my all-pervasive intention to be of service to All That Is. This is super-evident these days as I am always offering help to passersby, including this morning when I helped a woman change a flat on her car. The lion’s transformation is also a nod to my intent at manifesting shape-shifting abilities in my life, one of several “supernatural” abilities I’m exploring.
  • Zendaya connection: I have a crush on what Zendaya represents to me. That the lion transforms into a female with Zendaya characteristics further amplifies my love and connection with All That Is, recognizes my unfolding desires and affirms my nature as constantly expanding.
  • The futuristic facility/corridor: This segment represents again, my desire to be of service, but also my passion for expansion, the future and becoming more. The guy asking about my journalism is a nod to my vocation/passion for words. And, in this life I was a journalist for a city newspaper. Before that I was a Marine journalist. Journalism, the capturing of news and information for dissemination, is something I still am passionate about. This blog represents a spin-off of that passion.
  • The female doctor and tattoo: The doctor is my resonance with highly intelligent people, particularly females. She may also represent an interplay between “me” (the dreamer) and another incarnation of me, who is female and practicing medicine in that reality. Families of consciousness are organized around intentions or foci. It’s likely I experienced that incarnation of me as my intentions creating this dream attracted that incarnation of me as we share the same intentions. The tattoo may have had something to do with the future experience where I watched C-Span coverage of the UFO/UAP Congressional hearing. I’m not too certain about that.

Summing it up

Dream experiences are multidimensional, highly complex and can sometimes be mind boggling. Particularly for those lacking a knack for recalling them. Actual interpretations of such experiences have value. As you can see, this dream was an encouraging experience which amplified things I was processing in waking awareness. It also offered connections with broader portions of my being.

For me though, the far more valuable aspect of this dream, and others I have, is the emotional content, the vividness of the experience, and the clarity of awareness I have upon waking. These all show me I am developing in ways I’m wanting to. I’m gaining clearer awareness of my nonphysical existence through these experiences.

It’s happening gradually and seems to be taking forever. But that’s the nature of expansion. We choose to put ourselves into a limited earthly experience, in these relatively fragile bodies, to viscerally participate in that expansion. Doing so, we forget we are eternal, eternally joyful and eternally free. So it taking forever isn’t a problem. We’re eternal after all.

Directly experiencing our eternal natures is part of the dreamwork included in the Positively Focused practice. That work can be a thrilling experience and contributes to the Charmed Life I write about.

Re-discover your eternal nature through dreams and more. Let’s talk.