Your Invincibility Is As Close As Your Attention

Jeremy Perkins invincible
Photo: Jeremy Perkins

Invincibility is yours. And it’s closer than you think.

That’s a trick statement because “thinking” is what keeps you from experiencing your invincibility.

“Thinking” is also the key to getting your invincibility back.

When we use the word “invincibility”, we’re being literal, not metaphorical…

Your attention creates your life experience. We’re being literal here too. A person not used to looking at life that way, or a person who believes only science has all the answers, might be confronted by this literally accurate statement.

But there is no evidence to the contrary.

Give all your attention to what you see and you create more life experience consistent with that. Put your attention in the moment of becoming, however, and you tap into your real leverage. Your seat of power, creation and invincibility.

Your own life overflows with evidence demonstrating that your attention on life creates your life experience. People ascribe these examples to random chance, luck, or coincidence only because they infrequently notice them: they only notice them when they’re particularly stand out-ish.

So it seems such events are few and far between.

But when a person deliberately taps into the moment of becoming they realize these kinds of events are not random. Instead, they are happening all the time. In fact, there is never a time when they are not happening.

You just can’t see it happening because you’re not aware of the evidence. Or you dismiss them thanks to science. Science of course calls such experiences confirmation bias. Categorizing these events as “confirmation bias” keeps you feeling vulnerable.

Become aware of the evidence, however, and you discover evidence everywhere. Doubt turns to belief, belief to knowing.

Before you know it, life shifts.

The subjective point of consciousness (a human being) and the seeming object reality (the person’s life experience) merge in the person’s awareness. The two were never separate to begin with, but dominant beliefs create the experience of separation.

Over time though, what we’re describing soothes such beliefs and life experience transforms.

Before long the person recognizes he is ongoingly creating life experience in a perfect, self-perpetuating loop. Attention creates life experience and “attending” to life experience creates more life experience. Ad infinitum…


That’s when life becomes fun, a game of sorts. The objective: perpetual joy, flow and fun.

Of course, you can’t be joyful if you’re not getting everything you want. It’s only natural then that you get that too: Everything you want. And more.

When you get to the point where life experience is an ongoing, deliberate creation born of your attention to what you’re wanting, and you see evidence of what you’re wanting coming to you day by day, or better, moment by moment, something extraordinary happens…

You realize no one and no thing has influence on your life experience.

But you.

That is invincibility. That is what you knew before you came here.

Invincibility: It’s closer than you think, because it’s a by-product of thinking.