Positively Focused Glossary

Belief Constellation – Collection of thoughts which by nature of their association are drawn to form a pattern about the thinker. Belief Constellations are the filters through which a person sees reality.

Broader Perspective/Consciousness/Awareness – Coined by Esther Hicks, the perspective of one’s Experience and Reality of Origin. That part of a human being which remains in one’s Experience and Reality of Origin. A stream of consciousness with unique identities and personalities of which the individual is a part.

Charmed Life – Life experience in Physical Reality which is deliberately shaped and created by an enlightened individual’s conscious and deliberate thought. No negative experiences or negative feelings exist in the Charmed Life. Instead, life reveals itself as an ongoing series of self-fulfilling desires and perpetually increasing wonder.

Common Mortal – a personality born into a physical reality as a physical person. Typically a person who is unaware of Inner Reality, its characteristics and influence. Instead, they perceive physical reality only, and experience that separate from themselves. They also predominantly live in insecurity and unworthiness.

Dream-scape – a characteristic of Inner Reality “colored” by an individual’s preferences and desires. It is visited regularly by a person whether asleep or awake.

Emotional Gradations – a scale of feelings, devised by Esther Hicks. It allows a person to understand where they are relative to their Broader Perspective.

Enlightenment – a continuing state of awareness which allows a person to experience their Experience of Origin, their Reality of Origin, their Broader Perspective and their Personal Trinity. It is characterized by consistent and chronic emotional content “above 5” on Esther’s Emotional Guidance Scale.

Enlightened Person – Someone who chronically experiences Enlightenment as the basis of their Life Experience and thus lives a Charmed Life.

Essential Essence: Consciousness in its broadest context experiencing all dimensions available to it without restriction.

Experience of Origin – The ongoing experience a person has in their Reality of Origin, which informs and guides their physical life experience as well as one’s Experience of Origin and Reality of Origin. It is the experience a person has before that experience becomes physical reality.

Human – a personality born into a physical reality as a physical person. Typically a person who is unaware of Inner Reality, its characteristics and influence.

Ideal Reality – A state in Physical Reality wherein all instances of consciousness receive all they are asking for. A state of total wish fulfillment. Daily life.

Inner Being – Broader Perspective. That characteristic of an enlightened person which remains in one’s Experience of Origin and Reality of Origin and moves forward with the person through their journey, guiding, assisting and applauding the person in a bath of pure positive energy.

Infinite Intelligence – The omniscient, omnipotent, eternal Source of All That Is, existing as a collective energy stream of all that exists – as pure, positive energy essence. It is both One and a collection of Many, with each of the many a microcosm of the Whole. That’s why Infinite Intelligence is “infinitely intelligent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Infinite Intelligence is what people mean when they use terms such as “God”, “higher power”, The One, etc. Every physical thing has access to this energy stream, including humans, which means YOU have access. Not only is access available to all, all IS Infinite Intelligence. Which means you are.

Inner Reality – The state existing within and “outside” physical reality which has no mass or substance or time, yet exists nonetheless and informs and influences physical reality. It is the state from which physical reality emerges.

Impulse – a message from one’s Inner Being which when fully felt is not likely to be ignored and will lead to desire fulfillment or manifestation.

Manifestation – The process in which an idea becomes experiential with physically-oriented senses. Manifestations happen when vibration get projected into an emanation humans call physical reality. Those vibrations, which are under the direct control of the awareized, eternal, indestructible beings choosing to incarnate in a physical body, then create vibrational harmonics among themselves which eventually culminate in a perceived physical reality. The process is designed to facilitate greater levels of unconditional love, a kind of evolution for these beings, of which you are one. Typically, manifestations are something desired by a Human, Common Mortal or Enlightened Person. Most manifestations are ignored by Humans and Common Mortals, but all are relished and appreciated by Enlightened people.

Moment of Becoming – The real present moment. It is that emerging reality between physical and Inner Reality in which physical reality is shaped and defined by the person via their preferences.

Nonphysical Reality – Inner Reality. A state of existence having no shape, form, time or substance yet, exists none the less.

The Ordinary Past – “What was”. A Present Moment Segment no longer existing in Physical Reality, yet still alive and transforming within Inner Reality.

Personal Trinity – The oneness of one’s Inner Being, All That Is/Inner Reality, and the Universe, which conspires deliberately with enlightened individuals and by default with Humans to create an Ideal Reality or a Charmed Life.

Plain Sight – A capability wherein an individual has cleared away distortions which create illusions such as of separation, randomness, danger, threat, and unworthiness.

Positively Focused – (1) a company owned by Integer Sanus, organized to share insights gained through Integer Sanus’ Founder, Perry Gruber as they pursue their spiritual expansion. (2) A state of being in which one pursues and eventually achieves, ongoingly, one’s Charmed Life.

Present Moment – The “what is” past. A Materialized or Realized event that has sprung from the Moment of Becoming. A collection of Manifestations.

Pre-pave – A process coined by Abraham in which one deliberately creates a desired future probable reality AND a smooth path connecting that reality so that it comes smooth and fast.

Physical Reality – What results from Inner Reality. It is the furtherest actualization of Essential Essence when it acts upon Inner Reality.

Resistance – A state in which that which exists in Inner Reality and wants to express itself in Physical Reality is held back. The state is always accompanied within a human by negative emotion. Resistance also exists independently in Inner Reality, but in far less intensities than in Physical Realty. So much so that ideas expressed in Inner Reality become instantaneously “real”.

Simultaneity of Past, Present and Future – the phenomena whereby all time states – past, present and future – exist in the ever-present now, are ever changing and influence one another in real time. This phenomena allows a God in human form to benefit from events that haven’t happened yet, now, change events that already happened, from the now into beneficial experiences, and realize through this phenomena an aspect of one’s full creative potential.

Source: All That Is

Source Confirmation – What a person receives when their Broader Perspective acknowledges, encourages and agrees with a thought they are thinking. It typically gets expressed as a feeling, a feeling often accompanied by physical sensations: shivers up and down the spine, and/or goose pimples on the arms or scalp. Source confirmation is a momentary indication that the thinker is, in that moment, 100 percent in line with what their Source is thinking.

The Now – Physical Reality’s version as it exists prior to springing from the Moment of Becoming. Once it has sprung from the Moment of Becoming, it becomes “what is” or the past.

The What-Is Past: What humans think is “the now”. It is physically-manifested reality.

Thought-Reactions – an idea or concept, story or thought activated in reaction to The What-Is Past being experienced in The Now, which triggers Belief Constellations associated with similar experiences experienced in the Ordinary Past or the What Was. Thought-Reactions perpetuate the past, making the future look a lot like the past (same old, same old). Thought-Reactions happen mostly to Humans, people who don’t know they have an Inner Reality. And so they suffer the same experiences over and over. Until their Inner Being uses those experiences to trigger Broader Awareness.

Time – As defined by Seth, it is the apparent interval resulting just before a moment of the past (the Present Moment) is replaced by a new moment from the Moment of Becoming.

Universe – The collection of Physical Reality as experienced in this “time-space reality”. It is one instance of infinite conscious manifestation reaching in all directions and dimensions.

Reality of Origin – The unique, personal ongoing tangible “landscape” existing in Inner Reality, from which a person emerges.

Wake-scape – Physical reality.

World of Action – Physical Reality. Where people unaware of physical reality’s source in Inner Reality rely on manipulating matter exclusively as a way to fulfill wants.