Joe Park, Portland, Ore.

“I was an atheist. But then I created a job for myself with six figure potential.” 

In his own words:

I came to Positively Focused as someone who didn’t believe in life after death and certainly not believing at all in a god or religion.

In fact, I used to think anything spiritual was the kiss of death with regard to seeing “reality” accurately. That was until I connected with Positively Focused.

Positively Focused changed my life in so many ways.

For one, I believed I was forever going to be on the short end of any stick.

Getting a job, being successful, feeling positive about life. The only thing that I was really successful at was predicting that I wouldn’t get the results I wanted.

Only one thing really inspired me in life. That was seeing the world of corporate greed and capitalism eliminated in my lifetime. I was alone, lonely and frustrated.

My life has been filled with a lot of disappointments. My family life was far from the best. I guess you could say my troubles began with my relationship with my dad and grew from there.

Like many people, maybe even you, I suffered from a pretty severe lack of worthiness and that colored everything about my life, even though that lack was invisible to me.

Maybe your life is that way too.

Getting the opportunity to participate in Positively Focused was a game-changer for me.

At first I was skeptical of any kind of reference to the supernatural. But I trusted Perry because I knew him personally.

So I decided to give it a try.

I have to say that it has been the best decision of my life. Our sessions are the highlight of my week honestly.

I’m seeing now how I fit in in my stories and how those stories create my reality.

Believe me, three years ago, I would have rolled my eyes at anyone who said something like that!

Today, I can feel my confidence increasing. I can see with my own eyes specific events happening that have no explanation other than the fact that I am creating these experiences for me.

The most amazing thing….well, it’s not amazing because now I realize how these things happen in physical reality…is my new job.

For a while now, I’ve worked as a Lyft driver full time. And while it has paid the bills and given me a lot of personal flexibility, being a Lyft driver wasn’t something I was proud of.

As a result of my work with Positively Focused though, I created a new future for myself…

And…in a very short time once I set my focus to it…a job allowing me to earn a potential  six figure salary basically fell into my lap.

I am overjoyed with that result.

And it came about as easily as Positively Focused promises.

But the biggest outcome I’ve seen from my Positively Focused work is the opportunity to rekindle my long-held desire to be financially wealthy.

I’ve tried many approaches to achieving that goal all with dismal and disappointing results.

But now, I’ve created for myself an opportunity that promises to make me a millionaire several times over, with a serious support program I’ve never had before that challenges me to develop characteristics I have desired forever.

So whether it’s little “miracles” you’re looking for like finding lost things and creating relationships you thought were impossible, or big “miracles” like becoming a multi-millionaire or finding relief from long-held disempowering behaviors or beliefs, you can find it through Positively Focused.